My Scouting Report for CeeDee Lamb

CeeDee Lamb

Team : Dallas Cowboys | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

He is a very fast receiver and he is able to outrun a lot of cornerbacks. Although he is not Marquise Brown fast. UCLA vs Oklahoma 3rd QT 6:16 he gets caught from behind. If I had to guess his speed is around 4.48 to 4.51
Pass Catching
Against UCLA in 2018 he catches a pass thrown behind him UCLA vs Oklahoma 1st QT 13:25.
Route Running
Over the course of his career at Oklahoma, he has improved his route running and he is able to drop his hips to change direction, in order to get open. Initially thought only as a deep threat he came into his own in 2019 and expanded his route tree, such as running slants, curls and out routes.
I have seen him break tackles and he is stronger than people give him credit for considering his size at 6'3 190.
Vertical Ability
Initially, this was his biggest strength and over the course of his career, he has steadily improved as a route runner. But initially getting vertical and running a lot of go routes was his bread and butter.
Run after Catch
He has flexible hips allowing him to make defenders miss and the necessary speed to outrun most defenders. He also showcases at times his ability to be physical by running through some corners.
Catching in Traffic
He is willing to take a hit in order to make a catch and is usually able to hold on to the football.
Big Play Ability
He makes a lot of great catches and is able to shake off defenders. When he catches the ball he is looking for open lanes to run through in order to maximize his yardage.
He was injured this past game vs Baylor in 2019 possibly due to a hit he took to the head vs Iowa St. Injury was not disclosed though.
Is willing to take a hit in order to catch the football. He can go up and get it and is able to track the football even if a defender is draped all over him.
He has been extremely productive and has had an 1100 yard season in 2018 and is looking to surpass that this year. Currently has 983 yards in 44 receptions.
I can not judge this as I have not personally met him.
Deep Threat
This was thought of as his best trait, which was his ability to get vertical and outrun corners. He has steadily improved his route running and become more of a complete receiver.
Over the Middle
He is willing to catch the ball over the middle and showcases toughness to take a hit. He also has the ability to make defenders miss by sinking his hips. Check Oklahoma vs Texas 2019 3rd QT 7:57.
He has room to get stronger and gain some muscle. 6'3 190 is not the most ideal weight. It is recommended he gains about 15 to 20 pounds.
Has nearly 1000 yards this year and has had over 1100 yards the year prior, I would say he has been quite productive and consistent and has become the number 1 receiver for that Oklahoma Sooners team.
He has a good ability to make defenders miss, and has gotten more physical as a receiver. He has good hands and can make some really good catches. He has also improved vastly as a route runner and has become more of a complete receiver.
His frame of 6'3 190 is very slender and its recommended he gain a bit of weight to avoid getting injured. He is not as fast as his predecessor Marquise Brown and will get caught from behind by defenders with elite speed.
Overall Analysis
I really like the film I saw, usually when you see guys with these slender frames of 6'3 190 you usually categorize them as players who are vertical threats but Cee Dee Lamb really made it his goal to improve in other areas of his game such as route running and being more physical. Round Projection (Late 1st -Early 3rd)
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Robby Anderson
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