My Scouting Report for Cade Johnson

Cade Johnson

Team : South Dakota St. Jackrabbits (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

Judging from the small amount of film I was able to gather he seems to be around the high 4.4's to mid 4.5's. He is quicker than he is fast.
Pass Catching
He seems to have good hands and does not show double catching. He is able to grip the ball firmly and securely.
Route Running
He is a solid route runner who understands the opening in zone coverages. My only concern is the number of route trees he has run and whether he can adapt to the pro level.
He is not the strongest receiver and that is expected due to his lack of size. He measures at 5'10 180.
Vertical Ability
I was not blown away by his ability to stretch the field. I saw him get open on some deep routes but there was never that extra gear that allowed him to run away from defenders.
Run after Catch
He was much better in this category and this is more of his playstyle. He is quick out of his breaks but his short strides make it easier for defenders to catch him during longer runs.
Catching in Traffic
He is a bit on the smaller side but due to his low center of gravity if the ball hits him in the gut he is able to hang on to it. Although if he gets hit while catching the football away from his body he has a bit more trouble securing the catch.
Big Play Ability
he has got the ability to get open due to his quickness but he is exclusively a slot receiver at the next level and is more accustomed to a short burst of yards rather than big plays.
I did not find any major injuries on him but I still worry about his size.
He was the best receiver on his team even though he was not the biggest.
In 2018 and 2019 he had back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons. 2018- 67 REC's 1,332 yards 2019- 72 REC's 1,222 yards
I can not judge as I have not met him before.
Deep Threat
This is not really his strength and he is more built for slot duties.
Over the Middle
He can be productive through the middle if he finds the open zones and can accumulate good yardage but he is not a possession type of receiver that you want boxing out other corners.
He is purely a slot receiver but can be productive given the right offensive system.
He needs to build his game around consistency if he wants to stick in the NFL and he can do that if he can be reliable in terms of catching and gaining good yardage.
He is a slot receiver who has experience as a returner. he has got good speed and excellent quickness. he also understands zoning and where to sit on his routes so his QB can find him. His route running can use a larger route tree but from a technical standpoint, he is quick and decisive with his cuts.
He is not a big receiver and will not be able to win many contested footballs unless it's low to his body. he has only 2 years of playing experience and although he was productive he did not play all of 2020. His long speed is not great and this may be due to his short strides or lack of a second gear. We will see what he times at the combine to determine this further.
Overall Analysis
He is a slot receiver who will need the right system to be successful. he has got experience as a punt returner but is not as fast as I would have liked. His long speed leaves a lot to be desired. He will be successful off of his quickness. Projection (Mid 6th - UNFA) Team Fits ( Saints, Patriots, Giants)
Compares to
Scotty Miller
Untapped potential
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