My Scouting Report for Brycen Hopkins

Brycen Hopkins

Team : Purdue Boilermakers (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : TE | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Tight End [TE]

He has got really good speed as evident to his combine and the fact that he had a long TD run against Indiana. He ran a 4.66 at the combine.
Pass Catching
He has got big strong hands and often extends his arms outside his body. There are concerns though of drops and consistency catching the football. I think this is easily correctible with enough reps.
Route Running
He is a very good route runner and he knows how to set himself up in the open zone. He runs a lot of slant routes and showcases quickness out of his breaks especially for a big guy.
Its a bit underwhelming especially when you consider him as a blocker. He can not sustain blocks very well and often gets overpowered by defenders.
Run Blocking
This is not his strength because he lacks the technique and he does not possess the requisite play strength to be effective in this area.
He is more agile than one would think for a TE. This is showcased best on his route running when he changes directions. Also, it's due to this agility that he is a good route runner.
Run After Catch
He has got the speed to run away from some defenders. He can outrun linebackers and some safeties but by no means is he a special athlete in terms of speed. It's very solid. He has good the size to run over smaller defenders as well.
Big Play Ability
He has a good route runner and his big body allows him to get yards after the catch. He is best when he gets the ball and starts running down the seam. He showcases some speed bypassing linebackers and some safties.
He had a knee injury in 2019 but outside of that, he has been fairly healthy.
His production is not that great. But the good part is he did improve every year and has 61 catches for 830 yards in 2019.
I don't know as I have not met him.
He has a ton of upside and can end up being a very good starter in the next level but it depends on the team and the way they develop him.
He has inconcinnities with catching and he has never been the most productive player but he did steadily improve his game over time.
He is a very good route runner who understands how to work the seam and open space in zone coverages. He has got good athleticism and speed. he also showcases the ability to catch the football outside his frame.
He needs to be a better blocker and does not seem to understand how to block in pass sets. He also does not engage well in terms of run blocking and allows LB's to cross his face. His production is also a concern along with drops that I believe are due to concentration lapses.
Overall Analysis
I think he can be a productive player in the NFL given the right scheme. He has a ton of upside and if he can improve as a blocker and continue to work on his hands he can be a very effective pass catcher in the NFL. In terms of fit, I think he would be best suited as a number 2 TE for teams such as the Redskins, Cowboys, Cardinals (Projected Rounds 3-5) I would take him in the late 3rd round because of his upside.
Compares to
Ryan Griffin
Untapped potential
peak potential
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