My Scouting Report for Brock Purdy

Brock Purdy

Team : Iowa St. Cyclones (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : QB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Quarterback [QB]

Arm Strength/Power
Brock Purdy does not possess a huge arm but he has got enough to run certain offenses effectively. He has enough arm strength to get the football to the sideline but he needs to rely heavily on timing because he does not generate enough power with his arm alone.
Short Accuracy (1-10 yds)
He is relatively accurate in the short game. He is mobile and can throw on the run with accuracy. He can also deliver the ball accurately from within the pocket. He throws a very catchable football with good placement.
Imtermediate Accuracy (10-20 yds)
He is accurate and has good placement with his throws, but there are times with longer throws there is not enough velocity and it gets batted down. he generates a bit more power on his throws when he rolls out and uses his hips.
Long Accuracy (20+ yds)
He will struggle to throw the football down the field simply because he throws with a very high arc. This decreases the distance the football travels. He focuses on the touch and accuracy of the throw rather than the drive. There are times his lack of a big-time arm gets him in trouble and it can be evident at times when he throws the long ball. Watch his long TD pass this year and how his body reacted, he was completely off-balanced.
Pocket Presence
He is mobile and will look to roll out when he can but he will stand in the pocket if need be. he likes to roll out so he can generate a bit more power on his throws.
He can escape the pocket with good effectiveness. He can also run for a first down if you need him to. He can be effective on rollouts but due to his stature and lack of elite athletism, he will have issues at the next level. He has got really good functional mobility.
He does read the field better than I thought. He goes through his progressions quickly and when nothing is not there he attempts to run forward to pick up a few yards rather than getting sacked.
He can be narrow in his stance and needs to work on his footwork. He also throws with a side release rather than a high point one. This will cause issues with his throws being batted down.
He had an ankle injury that limited him in 2019 in terms of being able to run RPO's. Other than that I did not find any significant injury.
He is the QB of the team and won the job at Iowa ST. He has the toughness and will take hits. He was also named one of the captains of the football team.
Game Management
He will take the underneath receiver and will go through his progressions. He will not try to force throws often. he takes the 5 and 6-yard completions.
So far in his 3-year career, he has not thrown double-digit INT's so he seems to protect the football and avoid turnover worthy throws. Although he did not have a good first game this year throwing for 45% completion rate to go along with 1 INT for 145 yards.
He is 6"1 210 according to his school. It's not great size but its enough. He does look smaller on tape though.
He probably runs in the 4.7's if I had to guess.
Play-Making Ability
He has got some ability to escape the pocket and throw a good football on the run. He is not a tremendous athlete but a good enough one to be a threat from outside the pocket.
He had decent production this past year throwing for nearly 4,000 yards to go along with 27 TD's and 9 INT's. It is a significant improvement over his first year in 2018.
His upside is limited but he can be an effective QB given the right situation.
I can not judge as I have not met with him personally.
It runs hot and cold and there are games that he played in which he was under 60% completion rate. he needs to be more consistent with his decision in terms of letting the ball out earlier. He needs to trust his eyes more.
He is a smart player who progresses through his reads quickly and will take the underneath receiver. He also has good functional mobility and will extend the play. He is able to throw with more velocity on the run and can make some good throws. He can also be decisive with the football making it hard for defenses to react.
He does not possess great size or arm strength. This is evident when you watch him throw the deep ball. Sometimes the football is left out hanging in the air too long causing easy turnovers. The biggest issue with him is his inconsistencies that are mostly caused by his mechanics. His mechanics are very bad. He has a very narrow base and inconsistent footwork. This is his biggest issue.
Overall Analysis
He needs time and needs to be developed by an organization that focuses on the run and quick pass game. He can roll out and make plays but he has inconsistencies with his footwork and odd mechanic. He needs to fix this issue before he can play for an NFL team. He is a developmental prospect with an opportunity to start if he fixes his inconsistencies with his mechanics. Projection ( 4th - 6th) Personal projection Late 6th Team Fits ( Miami, Carolina, Arizona)
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Nathan Peterman
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