My Scouting Report for Brevin Jordan

Brevin Jordan

Team : Miami Hurricanes (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : TE | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mrossi78 . Position :Tight End [TE]

At 6'3 and 245 lbs. Jordan has some real juice. He moves like a receiver and has legit home run speed. My speed ratings are relative to others at his position so don't freak out. He could legitimately run the 40 yard dash in under 4.5 if he hits his stride.
Pass Catching
I would like to see him catch the ball away from his body more consistently. He does not often drop passes but I still think this is an area he can tighten up. I also did not find many contested catch situations in my scouting so that may be something he has to prove he can do down the road. He does a good job of tracking the ball in the air.
Route Running
I think his ability to plant and cut make his ceiling as a route runner pretty high. He already creates good separation, partially due to athleticism but I think he can be coached up further. He can work some more tempo and subtle physicality into his routes as well but those will come. He is definitely a better route runner than most tight ends at this stage of his development.
Again, this is relative to others at his position. While strength is not the most important trait for his skillset, it is an area he has clearly invested time into. He no longer looks out of place lining up inline as a Y like he did before 2020. He is unlikely to get much stronger but his skillset is best served outside in space where strength is far less important. Still, I think he has enough to match up with second level defenders.
Run Blocking
He is a very good perimeter blocker and has enough run blocking chops to matchup with linebackers. His agility and athleticism makes whiffs rare, even on DBs. He is fast enough to seal or reach on the edge. Add in high effort and I think he can be an asset as a blocker if used in the right ways. Inline, down blocking, power runs are not his strength. This is a limitation but a good coordinator will find better ways to use him.
This is part of what makes Jordan a special athlete. He has a rare ability at his size to stick his foot in the ground and change direction. This is a great asset in the open field after the catch and when he is breaking off his routes. He does need a slight gear down to make it happen but that is plenty good enough to beat most linebackers.
Run After Catch
This is where Jordan really creates a ton of value for his team. His athleticism and straight up speed makes him a real threat to take it to the house when he gets the ball in his hands. If he gets loose he is tough to bring down 1 on 1 and typically maximizes every reception by either driving his legs for extra yards or by using a stiff arm and exceptional wheels.
Big Play Ability
Combining his speed with playmaking ability after the catch, Jordan has routinely showed his big play ability at Miami. He had at least one catch of over 20 yards in 6 of 8 games in 2020 with a long of 76 on a post route where he torched a UNC defensive back, showing off his speed. My knock in this area is his contact balance. He can get knocked around and lose momentum or trip himself up when defenders make contact.
Somewhat of a concern. Has missed 7 games the last 2 seasons at Miami. Left the Clemson game early with a shoulder/arm injury and missed 3 weeks of action. Was the team's leading receiver before the injury. He also suffered a season ending ankle injury in 2019. I expect his medicals to check out fine but the history of missing games could drop his grade on some boards.
Highly productive when he is on the field. Improved his statistical production every year and his improved blocking certainly benefitted Miami's run game. Had he been healthy his stats would have been outrageous. He finished 2020 with 38 catches for 576 yards and 7 touchdowns in just 8 games.
No off-field issues to speak of. Truly seems to love his team and plays with great effort even when he's not the main weapon. I personally wonder how well he will handle the transition to the NFL because he has been a star everywhere he has been since high school. Will his confidence be shaken when he isn't the big man in the room? Tight ends naturally have a steep learning curve and struggle is not be something he is used to. No reason to think he won't overcome it but worth mentioning.
Would like to see a little more alpha dog in his game. He's not soft by any means but an athlete like Brevin Jordan has earned the right to flex on people more than he does. I think he has a high level of football intelligence and has clearly worked long hours with coaches to improve his game.
Injuries hinder his consistency but when he's fully healthy he is pretty much a lock to turn in a solid day at the office.
Athletic profile and height, weight, speed combination make him a matchup nightmare. He is too fast for linebackers and too big and strong for DB's. He has big play ability that not many tight ends have and is dangerous after the catch. He is versatile enough to line up anywhere on the field and creates mismatches for other people around him. I actually think he is a pretty good blocker on the perimeter and his athleticism helps him get hands on DB's and LB's at the second level where he is strong enough to be an asset. He is also pretty refined in his techniques and has clearly worked long hours with coaches.
Undersized for a traditional Y tight end role. Lets passes get into his body a little too often. Not incredibly strong which limits his upside as an inline blocker. Has some issues in limited snaps of pass protection with identifying which guy he is supposed to block. Durability is a concern having missed 7 weeks of action over the last 2 seasons with a season ending ankle injury in 2019 and a shoulder issue in 2020 that forced him to miss 3 games. Can continue to improve the subtleties of route running.
Overall Analysis
Overall, Brevin Jordan is a unique athlete with an extra gear that most Tight Ends don't have which will make him an intriguing piece for creative offensive coaches. He can line up anywhere on the field and create a mismatch and he has shown that he has big play ability when given the ball. While he is clearly more of a receiver than a blocker, he does have decent abilities in that area when deployed outside the hashes or using his athleticism on the edges. He will get knocked during the draft process as a sub-par blocker but in the right scheme and situation he will hold up. The biggest concern I have with him is his injury history but I hate judging a player's future outlook on that. From an NFL team's perspective, it could drop him down draft boards. I think he ends up late 2nd Rounder because the NFL will love his traits and production when he's not injured. Teams picking at the end of the round are also more likely to pull the trigger on a guy like Jordan. Teams he could fit with might be the Jaguars, Seahawks, Cowboys, Eagles, and Bears (depending on Jimmy Graham's situation).
Compares to
Jonnu Smith or Gerald Everett
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