My Scouting Report for Brevin Jordan

Brevin Jordan

Team : Miami Hurricanes (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : TE | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : johnpes . Position :Tight End [TE]

Jordan has enough speed to create separation on most linebackers and gain extra yards in the open field. However, he rarely makes huge gains down the field as he can't get past DBs with his speed.
Pass Catching
Jordan's catch radius is limited, especially considering his size. This hinders his ability to be a huge redzone threat. Though he does a good job making catches in space and turning up field, he catches the ball in his body far too often. This can lead to passes getting broken up or being dropped.
Route Running
He can run a variety of routes, including double move ones, in order to create separation against linebackers. Additionally, he does a good job leaking out as a safety valve underneath for his QB. However, his cuts on some routes are rounded, which makes it tough for him to get open consistently.
During the run after catch, Jordan shows his strength while breaking through tackles. However, during his run blocking he can struggle to hold onto blocks due to this. He needs to work on strength to be an every down tight end at the next level.
Run Blocking
Though he is a willing run blocker with good lateral quickness, Jordan can struggle in this area. At times he struggles to hold or engage blocks on the edge against quick defenders. Technique and strength improvements would help here.
Brevin Jordan has shown the ability to juke some defenders in the open field to gain some extra yards. These jukes, however, tend to slow him down as he gets usually gets caught from behind shortly after. As mentioned before, his breaks on routes need to be consistently sharper.
Run After Catch
With his speed, strength, and ability to smoothly turn up the field, Jordan does a solid run of picking up yards after the catch. On short routes in space, he can believe up a head of steam which makes him tough to bring down. He lacks the speed to break off huge gains past the defense.
Big Play Ability
Jordan's run after the catch ability should allow him to create some bigger plays in the future. For the time being his production has been a bit limited and only had a long of 51 with 2 TDs in 2019.
Jordan possesses the speed and some polished routes to create separation on linebackers. After the catch, he does a good job turning up field and gaining yards after the catch using his strength and agility. He can reliably haul in passes when open.
He has a limited catch radius which hinders his ability to be a big red zone threat. While he runs a few nice routes, his breaks aren't sharp enough so he struggles to get open consistently. He needs to work on catching away from his body more in addition to his run blocking.
Overall Analysis
Brevin Jordan is an intriguing talent with lots of room to improve. Fighting through some injuries in 2019, he struggled to produce consistently with only 2 touchdown catches on the season and 3 games with 4 or more catches. With improved route running and catch radius, Jordan could see a huge jump in production next season while becoming a true matchup nightmare. Regardless, in a good 2021 TE draft class, Jordan should see himself drafted within the first few rounds as a prospect with so much potential.
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Jordan Reed
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