My Scouting Report for Antonio Gibson

Antonio Gibson

Team : Washington NFL Team | Sports : Football | Position : WR | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : mgomes429 . Position :Wide Receiver [WR]

His speed is exceptional he clocked in at a 4.39 at the combine.
Pass Catching
He plays Wide receiver but he was initially a RB. He catches the football well and is an extremely versatile weapon to have. he can line out wide or take in inside handoff.
Route Running
He is a raw route runner who runs mostly Go routes, Slants and WR screens. He is still transitioning from the RB position. This is something that can be improved with coaching.
His play strength is solid but its nothing great. He can shed arm tackles and keep his balance on runs.
Vertical Ability
He has got really good speed and is able to reach his top-end speed quickly. He runs a lot of vertical routes
Run after Catch
He has got the explosive ability and good balance to stay on his feet through contact and he can also make you miss with quick movements.
Catching in Traffic
He is not a natural WR and he likes to catch with his body but occasionally he will pluck the ball in the air and make a great catch. QB okay in Memphis was not that great.
Big Play Ability
His best trait is his ability to make a big play happen with his speed acceleration and quickness. He has got a lot of versatility and can beat you as a receiver or a running back.
Has been healthy throughout his career according to my research.
If he is willing to play two positions for his football team that is showing some mental toughness.
He was only really productive this last year and his lack of production may be a concern to some.
I have not met with him personally so I do not know.
Deep Threat
He has got the speed but is still learning the nuances of the position plus he he is not the most reliable hands catcher
Over the Middle
He was mostly used as a gadget player and was not viewed as a premier receiver. I would not trust him as an every-down receiver.
He has got the upside to be an exceptionally versatile weapon in any offense if they know how to use him right. With good coaching, he can be a headache for defensive coordinators.
One year of production so this is a pick more based on projection and upside.
Extremely versatile. He has played both RB and WR and continued that throughout his 2019 season at Memphis where he exploded on to the scene. He is a very good athlete with exceptional quickness, speed, and agility. Also possesses good size at 6ft 228lbs
He is very raw and does not have a true position right now. He is not a great RB and he is not a great WR he is just a versatile weapon on the offense. He has no true positional value.
Overall Analysis
He is a body of clay that a coach needs to mold. He is extremely versatile and in a creative offense, he can thrive. He needs to find a more refined position whether that's RB or WR. He probably fits best as an RB who is a receiving type back or one cut scheme fits. Rounds (Late 3rd to Mid 5th) Team Fits (49ers, Jets)
Compares to
James White/Matt Brieda
Untapped potential
peak potential
post peak