My Scouting Report for Anthony McFarland

Anthony McFarland

Team : Maryland Terrapins (FB) | Sports : Football | Position : RB | Status : Active | Location :United States

Player Scouting Report

Players Scouting Reviewer : myles.whitmore . Position :Running Back [RB]

McFarland has great level speed, and once he gets the second level he has a nose for the end zone. His speed helps him brush past defenders to the outside regularly.
McFarland's shiftiness helps him shake defenders in space and beat defenders to the outside. His stutter steps and Jukes are great at stunning defenders.
Run Power
McFarland struggles at moving the pile in short-yardage situations. His tenacity and toughness help him pull off some nice plays in the inside-run game, but he struggles in obvious run situations.
McFarland is a shifty runner whose Jukes stun defenders in their tracks. His balance and footwork aren't always the best, but his finesse game will be his bread and butter in the NFL.
Pass Catching
He wasn't the most utilized receiving back in college, but he doesn't have a drop issue. At the next level, he has the traits necessary to be an effective RB out of the backfield.
McFarland has great vision at the second level and when it comes to getting to the outside. Sometimes he tries to force things if his OL fails to give him wide holes, but he is a quality back when given enough space.
Running in Traffic
McFarland can muster out significant yardage when it looks like the play is dead. He isn't the biggest back, but he has enough tenacity to shed contact and carry defenders when it isn't a short-yardage situation.
He dealt with ankle injuries in 2019 and suffered a broken leg in high school.
Not the biggest bruiser or strongest RB by any means but he has enough leg strength to carry defenders and shed contact when you least expect it.
He will need to bulk up at the next level in order to become more effective in short-yardage and power situations.
McFarland is an efficient RB per carry, but doesn't have significant experience handling a large workload. His regression from 2018 to 2019 is troubling.
Pass protection is MacFarland's biggest issue because he lacks the strength and recognition necessary to be a reliable blocker.
McFarland has the toughness and patience necessary to be a coach's favorite. However, he needs to work on his balance and footwork because he struggles to regain his footing when he plants his foot in the ground. Furthermore, his awareness needs to improve in both the rushing and blocking game.
His toughness makes up for his lack of size.
According to whatsondraft, McFarland is a great teammate but has some maturity issues.
Due to injuries, McFarland's production was inconsistent at Maryland. He was also inconsistent in the blocking and run games as well.
Big Play Ability
McFarland excelled at churning out 10+ runs and is challenging to tackle from behind once he has a head of steam. He is a significant threat for a big run.
McFarland excels as a speedy finesse back, who uses his elusiveness and acceleration to shake defenders and beat them to the outside. When McFarland has a head of steam and gets past the second level, his acceleration makes him nearly impossible to bring down. As a result, his elusiveness and velocity make him a tremendous big-play threat. His stutter steps and Jukes are especially excellent at stunning defenders. He isn't the biggest or strongest back in college, but his tenacity was one of his most underrated aspects. When he gets past the LOS, McFarland can carry defenders and break tackles to gain extra yardage. Consequently, he is one of the better small RBs when it comes to running in traffic.
Despite McFarland's tenacity, he lacks the size and strength necessary to be an adequate power back in short-yardage situations. When his offensive line fails to give him wide holes, McFarland is unable to shake defenders to get back to the LOS. Therefore, he will depend on an offensive line for his potential NFL success, because otherwise, he will force things when his OL fails to give him opportunities. McFarland's most glaring concern is his inability to perform well as a pass protector. He simply lacks the strength and recognition necessary to be a reliable blocker, and regularly misses blocks or gets driven back towards the QB. Durability is another issue for McFarland because he broke his leg in high school, and suffered a nagging ankle injury that hindered his 2019 success. As a result, it's hard to predict if McFarland would be able to play with an extensive workload.
Overall Analysis
Once Anthony McFarland Jr. gets to the NFL, he should be utilized more as a receiving back. McFarland never had a substantial receiving presence at Maryland, but his speed, elusiveness, and route running would be excellent for quarterbacks like Tom Brady. Likewise, McFarland is best suited in outside-zone plays, but he can do some damage on inside runs as well, especially on counter plays. Although teams should refrain from utilizing McFarland in power rushing situations because he cannot create yardage in these scenarios. With the NFL draft less than a week away, McFarland won't likely be drafted in the first three rounds. Most general managers will be wary of selecting McFarland because he doesn't have the experience or production that prospects such as D'Andre Swift have. Plus, his injury history will be a knock against him and will cause his draft stock to fall. McFarland's playing style and skill-set are most similar to former Memphis Tigers' RB, Darrell Henderson, because he excels on the outside and has the speed and shiftiness necessary to make plays. However, similarity to Henderson, McFarland's most significant issue is his blocking.
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