Opening Day 2020 is finally here! What are your predictions? Opening Day 2020 is finally here! What are your predictions?

Opening Day 2020 is finally here! What are your predictions?

25 Mar, 2020

The 2020 Major League Baseball season will eventually start after the COVID-19 pause! Players will eventually report back. The start of spring training is the one time of the season when teams and their fans have reason for optimism. Although we are forced to wait for Opening Day, there is still an opportunity to be optimistic as baseball cannot be far away. Last season is far enough in the rear view mirror and there is renewed excitement that maybe, just maybe,. This could be the year for some good things!

Can it be the year the team finally makes the playoffs? Is this the team build for a deep run and possibly a World Series championship? Is this the season the organization’s big-time prospect cracks the Major Leagues?

It is also your opportunity to set the expectations on the team! What are their chances this season? Will they be a playoff team? Can they win 100+ games? Will they not finish in last place again? This is your chance to showcase your expertise and make your case!

Fanteractive's Season Outlook feature allows you to set the expectations for your favorite team this season.  Use our standardize forms and grading scales to rank your team’s roster, strengths and weaknesses. Evaluate their offense, pitching, fielding, coaching, front office decisions and expectations for the next season. See how your expectations match up against other fans too!

Unlike Twitter or Facebook where your tweets or posts get buried soon after you post it, all fans' Season Outlook submissions are visible so that everyone can review, compare, and share with other fans too! Each of your Season Outlooks will also be available on your own Profile page too so people can see how big of a fan you are! Your profile page also has links to your game reports, season report cards,scouting reports, your stadium grades, and much more - Fanteractive is your new home field for all of your sports interaction!  (To learn more, follow this link to our help section: How To Create A Season Outlook