Who is the top QB in the NFL right now? Make your case.. Who is the top QB in the NFL right now? Make your case..

Who is the top QB in the NFL right now? Make your case..

25 Sep, 2019

Nnow is the perfect time to rate the performance of your team's QB. Whether they have already given up on their starter heading into the season, have excelled, or are off to slow starts, this is your chance to become the "expert"!

So, how has YOUR QB played so far? Have they met expectations yet? If a change has been made at the position, has it been the right one? Has anyone surprised you? What do you anticipate going forward? 

Get started with your own Player Scouting Reports on your favorite players! Here at Fanteractive, we want you to be the "expert!" We give you the opportunity to evaluate athletes and share your own scouting report on their attributes just like the NFL scouts do. Fanteractive's Player Scouting module gives you standard tools and forms to compare your own player scouting reports with others. This is your opportunity to grade individual players and evaluate their positional skill categories.  

Unlike Twitter or Facebook where your tweets or posts get buried almost as soon as you post it, all of the fans' Player Scouting Reports submissions appear on the player's page so that everyone can review, compare, and share with other fans too! Each of your Scouting Reports will also be available on your own Profile page too so people can see how big of a fan you are! (Your profile page also has links to game reports, season report cards, your Stadium grades for venues you have visited, and much more - Fanteractive is your new home field for all of your sports interaction!)  

Fanteractive's Player Analysis format provides a unique experience for you to numerically grade each individual skill of a player with our rating scale. The rating scale functions on a 0.0 to 10.0 scale and runs on a “continuum.” This means the same rating scale applies whether the player is in the Pros, College, High School, or any other level.  This allows a player to be judged in context regardless of level. It allows you to line players up at different tiers to compare them. Typical rating scale is (highest score to lowest):

  • 10.0 - 9.5 rating would suggest Hall of Fame to All-Time Great status for a particular attribute.

  • 9.4 - 7.0 rating may suggest the range for the typical professional player.

  • 8.5 - 5.0 rating would represent a typical college player.

  • 7.0 - 2.0 rating would represent a typical high school player.

  • 2.0 - 0.0 rating would be a typical youth or purely recreational talent level.

Along with the numerical grades, you can also write specific comments on any particular attributes as do many scouts do. You can list a players strengths, weaknesses, and an overall analysis. When scouts are describing a player to someone they tend to compare the player with another player's game so we provide a comparison tool as well. Identifying where a player is in his career is another key element of scouting. Whether a player still has untapped potential, is in his prime, or approaching the end tells you a lot about the players' ratings.

So get started on creating your own portfolio of Player Scouting Reports! The more you do the better you become! Share your work with others to prove to them how good of a scouting eye you truly have!

For any NEW USERS, we have added Quick Links below for you to jump right in! Just click on any Player to go right to Scouting Report. If you are not already registered on Fanteractive, you can use your login email and your report will be tagged to your profile automatically!


Arizona: Kyler Murray

Atlanta: Matt Ryan

Baltimore: Lamar Jackson

Buffalo: Josh Allen

Carolina: Cam Newton, Kyle Allen

Chicago: Mitch Trubisky

Cincinnati: Andy Dalton

Cleveland: Baker Mayfield

Dallas: Dak Prescott

Denver: Joe Flacco

Detroit: Matt Stafford

Green Bay: Aaron Rodgers

Houston: Deshaun Watson

Indianapolis: Jacoby Brissett

Jacksonville: Gardner Minshew

Kansas City: Patrick Mahomes

Los Angeles Chargers: Philip Rivers

Los Angeles Rams: Jared Goff

Miami: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Josh Rosen

Minnesota: Kirk Cousins

New England: Tom Brady

New Orleans: Drew Brees, Teddy Bridgewater

New York Giants: Eli Manning, Daniel Jones

New York Jets: Sam Darnold

Oakland: Derek Carr

Philadelphia: Carson Wentz

Pittsburgh: Mason Rudolph

San Francisco: Jimmy Garoppolo

Seattle: Russell Wilson

Tampa Bay: Jameis Winston

Tennessee: Marcus Mariota

Washington: Case Keenum