What do you predict the Atlanta Falcons will do in 2019? What do you predict the Atlanta Falcons will do in 2019?

What do you predict the Atlanta Falcons will do in 2019?

03 Aug, 2019

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What do you predict the Atlanta Falcons will do this season?

The Falcons have a tough schedule ahead of them and Head Coach Dan Quinn will be return to defensive play-calling after a poor 2018 season. Their division rivals Saints, Panthers, and Buccaneers will make form one of the toughest divisions in the NFL this season while non-divisional games against the Rams, Seahawks, Eagles, and Colts make for a difficult path for the Falcons. Linebacker Deion Jones is ready to go for a full season so that provides some optimism, but there are plenty of questions about the secondary and pass rush. Quarterback Matt Ryan was in his typical "Matty Ice" form last year and it was disappointing to see the Falcons sputter around him. Devonta Freeman was out for majority of the season, leaving the Falcons' running game lacking. After hiring their new offensive coordinator, their defensive coordinator, and their special teams coordinator, the Falcons are in for a major change. Calvin Ridley shined as a rookie and future Hall of Famer Julio Jones should be ready to "ball out." Austin Hooper looks like a dangerous tight end who is ready to put his skills to the test. The Falcons drafted two offensive lineman in the first round this year so expect a turnaround for the Falcons' line as well.

Can Matty Ice be dominant again and lead the Falcons to victory? Can Head Coach Dan Quinn figure out and solve those defensive problems? Do they have the firepower to compete in their division? Do they have the depth? How many games do you project they win this season? It's now up to you to set the expectations for the Falcons!


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What do you think of the Falcons' marquee players?

Which players on the roster do you think will have the biggest impact this season? Who is the most overrated player? Who is the biggest overachiever?

Fanteractive Player Scouting gives you the tools to scout like a pro! Break down strengths and weaknesses of each player, grade their potential, see how they compare to other players on various skill categories, decide if they are "hypeworthy!" Here's your chance to be the expert and show what you know!

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