NFL Draft 2019: How did your team do in 2018 and what do they need to improve? NFL Draft 2019: How did your team do in 2018 and what do they need to improve?

NFL Draft 2019: How did your team do in 2018 and what do they need to improve?

31 Dec, 2018

The 2018 NFL season is over! The Patriots are once again the champions. So, it's time to close the book on 2018 and start looking towards 2019!

While all of the teams other than the Patriots are licking their wounds and trying to look towards 2019, what would you give them on their final 2018 grade?

What worked and what failed? Was it the offense? Was it the coaching? Who performed well and who was the biggest disappointement? What do they need to do to improve for next season? Here's your chance to break it all down!

Fanteractive's Season Report Card is a new way for fans to express their opinions on their favorite teams! Each teams Season Report Card provides a variety of offensive and defensive categories in addition to giving fans an opportunity to grade the coaches, front office, and much more! The Report Cards use a standard grading system so that you can compare your thoughts with those of other fans too.  Unlike Twitter or Facebook where your tweets or posts get buried almost as soon as you post it, all of the fans' Season Report Card submissions appear on your team's page so that everyone can review, compare, and share with other fans too! Each of your Report Cards will also be available on your own Profile page too so people can see how big of a fan you are! (You profile page also has links to game reports, player scouting reports, your Stadium grades for venues you have visited, and much more - Fanteractive is your new home field for all of your sports interaction!)  

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