NFL power rankings, Week 14: The Rams and the Chargers are the two best teams, fight me - SB Nation NFL power rankings, Week 14: The Rams and the Chargers are the two best teams, fight me - SB Nation

NFL power rankings, Week 14: The Rams and the Chargers are the two best teams, fight me - SB Nation

04 Dec, 2018

Lets start this weeks power rankings with a question. Are the Raiders a better team than the Falcons ? Most certainly not. That doesnt matter. Id rather watch a Raiders play because its a disaster. Whereas watching the Falcons is as much fun as watching someone drive a Bugatti through the drive-thru lane at Wendys. We dont watch games so we can be bored by them or because we get off on being disappointed. We watch the NFL because its fun, and some teams are way more fun to watch than others. Sometimes teams are fun to watch because we have a special connection to them. Sometimes theyre good TV because they score a gazillion points. Sometimes theyre fun to watch because we LOVE to see them fail, like Jon Gruden and the Raiders. All of that is my long winded introduction to a new spin on the ol NFL power rankings this week ranking teams according to my own personal biases. Teams I really like to watch I suffered through so many bad Rams seasons, I started to think thats just how you played the game, one excruciating drive at a time. Now, theyre consistently the most fun team to watch. I dont even really care about the crappy way they left St. Louis. Hell, were all probably better off for having them in Los Angeles anyway. Had they never moved, Jeff Fisher would probably still be the coach, sullying the NFL one pathetic 7-9 season at a time. My favorite team is the best team. Thats a pretty good way to start the power rankings this week.

Yeah, the Chargers are up there too. Whats not to love? Philip Rivers weirdo facial expressions, a team teetering on the verge of disaster with every kick... and they still find ways to win. I put the Patriots up there too, and its mostly just an appreciation for the purely transactional relationship Bill Belichick has with winning. Its how I prefer to interact with waiters or investment advisors just take my money and give me the most I can get for what Im paying for. Its not always terribly fun, but it works. The Chiefs have been a lot of fun to watch this season too. They usually are under Andy Reid, who even made Alex Smith starts watchable. Id probably enjoy them more if I didnt already know that theyll suffer some heartbreaking loss to a team like the Dolphins or something in the playoffs.

Chaos teams

These are the teams that can be hard to figure out. Take the Cowboys, for example. One week, Jason Garretts doing all he can to avoid trying to win the game. Another week, theyre holding the Saints to 10 points. Dallas is going to the playoffs too, barring a catastrophe. Who knows what well get then. Plucky is the only word I can find for the Browns right now, and that is a helluva lot better than the adjectives weve used to describe this team in the past. Sure, they never had a chance against a really good Houston team, but even in a loss, the new look Browns are going keep chucking it like they have a chance until the very last whistle blows. The Steelers offense is what Rob Deer was to baseball. Theyre either going to hit a home run or strike out flailing at a pitch they should never swing at in the first place. But the best part is all this takes place under a cloud of self-inflicted drama, whether its the LeVeon Bell situation earlier this season or Ben Roethlisberger chastising everyone but himself for the teams problems... days after he throwing a backbreaking, game-losing interception. He is truly a leader for our current age of selfish exceptionalism. The Jaguars. Do I even have to explain myself here? Theyd probably be a top five team, in whatever kind of power rankings you prefer, if not for Blake Bortles. No good reason to watch It can be a lot of fun to watch a team fail miserably. Not the Jets. They peaked with the Butt Fumble. The Titans... I dont even know what the Titans really are. As for the Lions, the 2018 version of the team is causing people to say things like maybe we didnt know how good we had it with Jim Caldwell. The Dolphins are 6-6, and its that particular brand of.500 play that conveys true mediocrity. Hey, the Bills almost won this week. Bring back Nathan Peterman, imo. Washington is the worst team and will always be the worst team, whatever the record is.

NFL power rankings,

Week 14 Ranking Team Last Week Ranking 

1 Los Angeles Rams 2

2 Los Angeles Chargers 6

3 Houston Texans 7

4 Chicago Bears 4

5 New England Patriots 5

6 Kansas City Chiefs 3

7 New Orleans Saints 1

8 Seattle Seahawks 13

9 Baltimore Ravens 10

10 Dallas Cowboys 12

11 Cleveland Browns 19

12 Pittsburgh Steelers 8

13 Indianapolis Colts 9

14 Jacksonville Jaguars 29

15 Minnesota Vikings 11

16 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 25

17 Carolina Panthers 15

18 Oakland Raiders 30

19 New York Giants 27

20 Philadelphia Eagles 17

21 Denver Broncos 18

22 Atlanta Falcons 24

23 Green Bay Packers 20

24 Tennessee Titans 16

25 Detroit Lions 23

26 Miami Dolphins 21

27 Cincinnati Bengals 22

28 New York Jets 28

29 Buffalo Bills 26

30 Arizona Cardinals 31

31 San Francisco 49ers 32

32 Washington 14

Power rankings, the way I want them

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