Fanteractive: Sports ... According To You! Fanteractive: Sports ... According To You!

Fanteractive: Sports ... According To You!

13 May, 2019

What is Fanteractive? Simply put, it's Sports ... but according to you!

While most traditional media can tell you what happened in the game, provide game statistics, and offer up the opinions of their "experts," Fanteractive has taken a different perspective. It is about the fans telling the story from the fan side of sports. We believe that there are many fan-experts out there that know as much, if not more, about the action and their favorite teams. They just lack a mechanism to express what they know. Anyone can send a tweet or a Facebook post, but those messages are quickly buried by the mountains of other tweets and disappear into oblivion!

Instead, Fanteractive gives you an entire ecosystem to show what you know. Like the original Bleacher Report or SB Nation, fans can also contribute articles on Fanteractive. But, in addition to just articles, Fanteractive gives fans an entire suite of tools to use to "fanalyze" almost everything in sports!

How did your favorite team do last night? Would you give them an "A+" for their performance or was it more like a "C"?

Did your star player show up to play yesterday or were they just average and ordinary last night?

What do you think of that hot-shot draft prospect? Beyond the hype, can he really play?


Fanteractive was developed by sports industry executives who realized that fans know more than most insiders give them credit for. However, there really hasn't been a way to consistently find those diamonds in the rough. Yet, many die-hard fans played the same sports we watch on TV or elsewhere. Some, even played in college or even the pros. (We're all fans aren't we?) But, the skills that make you great on the field can be very different than the skills that make you a great evaluator. That's where Fanteractive comes in!

The Fanteractive fan “toolkit” gives you the tools you need to share your expert analysis on your favorite teams and be able to compare your opinions with others. When you give a team an "B+" rating on the season, we can now quantify that and benchmark that against others. When you submit a scouting report on a quarterback and give him an "85" rating for arm strength, we can see exactly how you think that player compares to others you reviewed. Each Fanteractive modules provides you with standard forms to benchmark their teams and allow fans to easily compare their thoughts and expectations with others. Who are the most knowledgeable fans? You will easily be able to figure that out too! Everything you do on Fanteractive contributes to your own personal rankings too! Are you ready to start your own "Hall of Fame" career?

Here's a brief summary on how to use some of the top features on Fanteractive. All Fanteractive tools let you go as in-depth as you want to, so you can answer what you know and leave whatever you don’t. Each piece you do also ties to your own personal profile page where others can see everyone of our analyses. It really is Sports … According to You!


Season Outlook (Pre-Season)

It's pre-season time.... hopes are high for the season, everyone starts off 0-0. But, what do we really expect from the team this season? Will they really challenge for a championship this season? Or, should we really just be happy if they can make it to .500? Fanteractive's Season Outlook lets you set the expectations for the season. Grade the team on a variety of categories so you can set realistic expectations for the season? Do they have the pitching to go the distance? Is the defense strong enough - after all "defense wins championships!"  What about the coaching and front office - do they have the right people calling the shots?

Season Outlook allows you to break down the various position groups, the strengths and weaknesses, predicthow many wins will they finish with, grade the coaching staff and more! This is where you set the expectations for the season! The Season Outlook gives you something to go back to at the end of the season and see exactly how well the team lived up to your expectations!  Start your Season Outlook approximately 30 days before Opening Day!

Read more about Season Outlook here


Season Report Card (Post-Season)

So, the season is over - how did your team do? Did they live up to your expectations? Who would you name the team MVP on the season? What did they do well and what was their downfall? Fanteractive's Season Report Card provides a standard Report Card template so that you can grade the team on a variety of categories that allows you to easily compare teams and also match up your ratings against other fans. You can also compare their results to your initial expectations and hold the team accountable to you!

Read more about Season Report Card here


The PVA Fanalyzer

Whether you are a "betting man" or not, the PVA Fanalyzer provides a structured way for you to record your expectations for each game by predicting not only the score, but also analyzing various stat categories and providing your commentary before the game to publish a full game preview. This is your opportunity to be just like those guys on the pre-game show who take the same wild guesses about the game that you have. The only difference is they are on TV and you have no place for your opinions! The PVA Fanalyzer let's you get indepth into your analysis and break it down like a pro. This is where fans really can provie what they know!

After the game, the PVA Fanalyzer will compare your predictions against the actual results of the game (that's where the "PVA" comes from "Predicted vs. Actual"). This will allow you to see just how well you did at predicting the action and also how well the team met your expectations! You can also see how well your predictions match up against other fans in our weekly and season-long leaderboards! You will be impressed at how accurate you become in predicting your teams in just a few short weeks!

You can also organize a “Fanalyzer Huddle” with friends to create a new way to enjoy the season. Unlike fantasy football, where you have to follow players from all over the league, Fanalyzer and the Fanalyzer Huddles allow you to concentrate on the teams and players you know best!

See more about the PVA Fanalyzer here


Post-Game Reviews

We all know that the real watercooler conversation happens after the game! So, Fanteractive’s Post-Game Review gives you a standard form to break down the game and grade the team’s performance in offensive, defensive and other categories so that you can compare your impressions of the game with others. You can also grade individual player performances – who was the hero of the game or the real “goat” – as well as selecting your game MVP!

During the season you can also use Fanteractive’s Trending Analysis tools to be able to see the patterns that emerge for each team and also individual player performance. These Post-Game Reviews will also help to determine the finalists for the Fanteractive Player of the Year award – as determined by the fans!

How To Submit Your Post-Game Review


Player Scouting

How good is that player really? Fanteractive’s Player Scouting tools allow you to grade players like professional scouts do! Use the Fanteractive rating scale to grade players on the skills and attributes relevant to their position. How strong is a quarterback’s arm? Is he accurate? What about the running back’s change of direction ability?

Fanteractive was built on the premise that there are plenty of knowledgeable fans out there – including many that even have a better eye for talent than the pros! Here is the way to show the world what you think!

Completing a Player Scouting Report


Stadium Ratings

How many stadiums have you been to? Want a medal for it? Use Fanteractive’s Stadium Ratings tool to track all of your stadium visits, grade the stadiums, arenas, and ballparks, share your pictures, and rate them all! Compare various stadiums and see who others rate as the top stadiums too. Best of all, earn badges and other awards for your travels! You can earn a Bronze medal for just five visits to any NCAA or pro leagues' stadiums, a Silver medal after 15 visits, and a Gold medal for visiting 25 college or pro stadiums.

How To Submit a Stadium Rating



Oh, and just like the original Bleacher Report or SB Nation, you can write articles on just about anything you want! Fanteractive’s articles section includes Fanager-submitted articles on a variety of topics to keep people informed and share your unique perspectives!

How to Submit Articles on Fanteractive is the most comprehensive fan-focused site on the internet. Since launching in in mid-2018, Fanteractive continues to put the fans first! New features will continue to roll out with each sports season as we look to make the system even more robust!