Here's how to grade every team's performance at the World Cup

Here's how to grade every team's performance at the World Cup

18 Jun, 2018


The FIFA World Cup is off to a rousing start! While all the "experts" have a lot to say after the game, we are most interested in what you think!

Whether you are a soccer expert or not, we all have opinions! Fanteractive's Post-Game Fanalysis tool allows you to track your reactions after each game. You can grade the teams on their overall performances. Rate individual player performances, and much more! See what other viewers also think after every match.

With Fanteractive's Post-Game Fanalysis, you are the "expert." Would you give Spain an "A" in their epic game against Portugal? How would you grade Lionel Messi’s overall performance after he missed another crucial penalty kick in a big spot? Despite the tie score, would Iceland’s overall performance be on par with Argentina’s? It is all up to you to decide! 

Here’s how to use Fanteractive's Post-Game Analysis tools:

1. Set up your free account on and login in.

2. Go to the Games tab and find the game on our integrated schedule. You can use the shortcuts to go to yesterday’s or previous games. You can also use the Search feature too.

3. Click on the “Fanalyze” button from the game schedule to see the game’s landing page with links to Statistics, Game Prediction Summary, etc.

4. Click on the Fanalyze link to go to the post-game ratings screen where you can enter as much or as little as you have to say.

5. The post-game Fanalysis form is broken down into three (3) tabs. Here is a breakdown of each:

  • Overall Team Grade: This tab looks at overall team performance and coaching decisions during the game. You can choose a letter grade from A+ to F to grade your team in that particular category. You can also add your analysis notes for each.
  • Team Performance: Here, you can grade the team performance in a variety of situational and positional categories such as Offense, Defense etc. – with further breakouts for each.
  • Player Performance: You can grade every individual player on their own performance in the match. You can also add your analysis notes for each. You can grade as many as you care to evaluate.

Fanteractive will store all of your analyses in your profile. That will allow you to capture trends and track all of your analyses and teams throughout the tournament. You can also see all of the other analyses submitted from the game’s landing page! Performance is always in the eyes of the beholder. So, different people will have varying opinions where makes Fanteractive's Post-Game Reviews a useful tool for comparing your thoughts with others. You don't have to be an expert to have an opinion!

Have your predictions ready for the next game? You can use the same process to predict the outcome of future games. The Fanalyze link automatically switched from the predictions option to the post-game option at gametime.

Fanteractive’s pre- and post-game analyses are build for the fans! Track all of your analyses and score points for yourself with each game! Fanteractive will be debuting our own fan rating system later this year that helps you figure out who the real experts are!