Getting Started with Fanteractive Getting Started with Fanteractive

Getting Started with Fanteractive

01 Jan, 2019

Have you ever wondered if your favorite team’s General Manager actually cares what his fans think?

Should they bench that star player in favor of someone else who is performing better? Should they spend the money on bringing in that high-priced free-agent? Its fourth and one, late in the fourth quarter what should they do?

Fanteractive realizes that fans are no longer just “fans.” Fans live and die with their teams. Fans spend hours looking at statistics and analyzing how they would make their team better or what strategies would help win the next game. Until now there has never been a way to really gauge fan opinion on a large comparative scale. That is why Fanteractive is here to change the game of sport and fan interactions.

Fanteractive is a fan focused platform that provides you, the fan, with numerous tools to dive deeper into fan engagement while rating teams, players, and stadium alike. Fanteractive’s analysis tools allow you to explain and evaluate your expectations for your teams in their upcoming seasons and then grade their performance at the end of season. Among that, one is able to: predict how players or teams will do in a particular game and rate their performances thereafter, analyze and scout a players abilities and grade their performance after every game, and grade every stadium and sporting venue that you visit. You can also blog and write articles!

For example, Fanteractive’s postgame review allows you to grade your team’s performance, including individual player performance, after every game using a standard evaluation tool. This allows you and thousands of fans like you to aggregate your thoughts, score a multitude of sports related fields, and provide data that can be tracked and charted over the course of a season. What separates us from other sites? Fanteractive’s endless features, such as our rating scales, are easy to read and understand while giving you a full qualitative analysis next to quantitative data collected from a variety of databases.

Through your Fanager profile, a visitor can see every analysis you complete, every article you publish, and every stadium you visited and reviewed. You can also display your favorite teams on your profile. Upon the completion of your profile, a sports resume will be displayed on your profile which helps other visitors determine how reliable your ratings are.

Regarding site terms and definitions, each site user is labelled and ranked themselves through different tiers. The first is the Fanager Tier (FT) which places you on one of seven tiers based on your background and knowledge of sports. Every user starts out as a spectator and can gradually progress to the expert level. The Fanager Quotient (FQ) score considers your Fanager tier and activity on the site to provide a rating based on your knowledge, activity, Fanager tier and a variety of other site and user rankings to give you an overall score.

Your FT and FQ scores are dynamic and can change over time. Fanagers can advance to the next FT level based on their activity, monthly site promotions, and eventually ratings from other users! FT promotions will happen every quarter. Your FQ score is even more dynamic, while taking into account your activity and the opinions of others about your work. The higher quality your work—the better your ratings

Additionally, Fanteractive provides you with the latest sports news from the Associated Press and USA Today in addition to our other databases and news partners. These professional reports help to complete the Fanteractive experience by giving you access to seasoned journalists and free access to all of the news and highlight reports these traditionally subscription based sites display.

Fanteractive is a site designed by fans for fans.


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