Ready to Launch! Ready to Launch! Ready to Launch!

12 May, 2018

Have you ever wondered if your favorite team’s general manager for front office actually listen to what the fans think?

Should we bench that star player in favor of someone else who’s performing better? Should we spend the money to bring in that high-priced free-agent?

Its fourth and one late in the fourth quarter what should we do?

Fanteractive realizes that fans are no longer just “fans.” We live and die with their teams. We spend hours looking at statistics and analyzing how to make her team better or how we win the next game. Until now there’s never been away too really gauge fan sentiment. That’s why Fanteractive is here! Fanteractive is a new fan ecosystem that provides you with numerous tools and platforms to make your case. While there are other sports sites that allow you to blog or write articles, no one else puts it together in a way where you can meaningfully digest the information and really spotlight what fans really think.

For example Fanteractive’s postgame review allows you to grade your team’s performance-including individual player performance-after every game using a standard evaluation tool. This allows you and thousands of people like you to aggregate your thoughts, score it, and provide meaningful data that can be tracked and trended over the season. You might ask, don’t statistics already do that? In some ways the answer is yes, but what is unique about Fanteractive’ s ratings easy they give the qualitative analysis to go with those hard numbers.

Fanteractive analysis tools allow you to evaluate your team’s expectations for the upcoming season and then grade their performance at the end of season; predict how they will do in a particular team and then grade their performance after; analyze and scout a players abilities and grade their performance after every game; grade every stadium and sporting venue that you visit and allow you to map and rank those visits. Oh, and you can blog and write articles too!

The Fanteractive ecosystem is also built around you as the fan. By pulling it all together through your Fanager profile, a visitor can see every analysis you perform, every article you publish, every stadium you visited and review. You can also share your favorite teams and your sports resume which helps others to determine how credible your opinions are.

Speaking of credibility, Fanteractive has addressed that too. There are two different metrics that we use to evaluate our fans the first is the Fanager Tier (FT) which places you on one of seven tiers based on your background and knowledge of sports. Everybody starts out as a spectator and you can progress all the way to the expert level. The Fanager Quotient (FQ) score takes into account your Fanager tier and activity on the site to provide a rating based on your knowledge, activity, Fanager tier and other metrics to give you a score. So now when you are in your favorite sports bar and that person is mouthing off about how your team is going down, all you have to do is look up his FAQ score and no that he has no clue what he’s talking about.

Your FT and FQ scores are dynamic and can change over time. Fanagers can advance to the next FT level based on their activity and the ratings they earn from other Fanagers. This helps us ensure quality by letting our community determine what they find useful and informative. FT promotions will happen every quarter. Your FQ score is even more dynamic taking into account your activity and the opinions of others about your work. The higher quality your work, the better your ratings-as simple as that.

Additionally, Fanteractive provides you with the latest sports news from the Associated Press and USA Today in addition to our other data partners. These professional reports help to complete the Fanteractive experience by giving you access to seasoned journalists alongside other fans.

Fanteractive is destined to be the premiere sports community on the Internet.