Fanteractive How-To Guide: Season Outlook Fanteractive How-To Guide: Season Outlook

Fanteractive How-To Guide: Season Outlook

25 Jan, 2017

Season Outlook is the Fanteractive Tool to provide analysis, ratings and commentary on how your favorite team will do this season. Here, you will grade the team on a number of different factors including a position by position breakdown, coaching, strategy and more. The quantitative/qualitative method gives allows you to give a letter grade to each category and offer your own analysis points as well in the analysis sections. This will provides an opportunity to be thorough in your analysis while also providing a mechanism for aggregating and comparing the opinions of other Fanagers as well.

Season Outlook is available to you about 60 days prior to the start of a team’s season and remains open through about 25% of the team’s season. Afterwards, the function opens up the Post-Season Review option to grade the team on its actual performance.

To complete a Season Outlook for your favorite team:

  1. From the Main Navigation Bar, go to the Teams tab.
  2. Select your desired team from the listing. Utilize the Search tools on the right to search for a specific team, filter by sport, league, or other search criteria.
  3. Click on the Team to visit their Team Page. Here, you will see tabs for the team roster, schedule, team news, statistics, and the Season Outlook and Season Recap tabs.
  4. Click on Season Outlook:
    1. Season Outlook is your launching point to view other Fanagers’ predictions for the Team’s success for the upcoming season by simply clicking on the Fanalysis you would like to view.
    2. To create your own Fanalysis, Go to the Green Bar labeled “Submit your Season Outlook Fanalysis for” and select the “season” for which you want to evaluate the team in the dropdown.
    3. NOTE:  The Season dropdown will include the upcoming season in the team’s regular league as well as a separate “season” for any tournaments, contests, etc. (e.g., World Cup, Champions League, Olympics, Copa America, etc.)
  5. After you select the season you would like to predict, you will be brought to the sport-specific Outlook survey for that season. You will have:
    1. Quantitative: quantitative questions to grade a team in that category from A+ (best) to F (worst) – or No Opinion if you don’t know.
    2. Qualitative: Each section has Analysis boxes to expand on your selections and offer your insights. If you need more room, simply drag the lower right corner of the Analysis Box to expand it.
  6. The Outlook survey is broken down by tabs to help you focus your analysis. Simply click on a tab to move to the next or use the buttons at the bottom.
  7. When completed with your analysis, press Submit to save and publish your Season Outlook Fanalysis

Currently, Season Outlook is available for American football (NFL and college) and global soccer too. Later this year, hockey and basketball will come online too, with baseball and other sports to follow as we get into early 2017.