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How To: Stadium Rating

Do you enjoy attending sporting events?! Fanteractive's Stadium Rating provides you the tools to give your own stadium reviews for the world to see! Share your stadium experiences with others and see where others have had good experiences!


Fanteractive's Stadium Rating provides a fun platform to rate all aspects of a game day experience! Our rating factors include Atmosphere, Pre Game Options, Surrounding Areas, Outdoor & Indoor Appearance, Prices, Concessions, Amenities, and more! It is a simple 0 to 10 rating scale.


To complete a Stadium Rating, registered users can access it following these step:


1. From the Main Navigation Bar, Click 'STADIUMS' tab 

2. Find the desired Stadium from the listing →

              2.1 Utilize the Search tools to find a specific stadium, arena, or ballpark. You can use the various filters, type in a stadium name, or search the calendar.

3. Once you found the stadium to evaluate, Click on the name of the stadium →

4. Scroll down and you will see on the right side 'Click here to rate the Venue' 

5. Now you can begin the Stadium Rating 

              5.1. There will be several categories listed below. 'Overall Rating' is the main grade.

              5.2 For each category, Drag the Green Slider to give a numerical grade. Rate as many categories as you would like. You do not have to complete the whole form.

              5.3 You can also make your own Comments for as many categories you desire.

              5.4 Posting pictures from the game in 'Your Pictures' is another option.

              5.5 Final step would be to include the Date of the game under 'Event Details'.

6. When completed with your stadium review, press 'Submit Your Analysis' at the bottom and your Stadium Rating will be published.