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How To: Season Outlook

Do you enjoy predicting sports outcomes?! Season Outlook is Fanteractive’s app to get you started on the season! Here is your opportunity to assess your team’s chances for the upcoming season! 


Fanteractive’s Season Outlook provides a standard form to grade teams on several different factors including positional breakdowns, personnel strength, coaching, strategy and more.


To complete a Season Outlook for your favorite team, registered users can access following these step:


1. From the Main Navigation Bar, Click on the 'TEAMS' tab →

2. Find your desired Team from the listing 

2.1 Utilize the Search tools to find a specific team. You can use the various filters or just type in the team name.

3. Click on the Team Name to visit their Team Page 

3.1. Here, you will see tabs for the Schedule, Roster, Team News, Season Outlook, Season Recap, Statistics, Shop, and Tickets.

4. Click on 'SEASON OUTLOOK' 

5. Go to the Green Bar labeled 'Pick the Season to Fanalyze' 

6. Click on the Season Dropdown and then select the season you wish to evaluate 

7. Once you select the season, you can begin to Fanalyze the Season Outlook Report 

7.1. There will be several tabs to help focus your analysis. Simply click on the tab to open or close the specified section. Click the 'Proceed' button to move on to the next section. NOTE: The tab 'OVERALL TEAM GRADES' is the most important!

7.2. For each Position/Skill, Simply Click the Dropdown Box and select the Grade you think of for each Position/Skill. If you do not grade a section it will appear as 'No Opinion'.

7.3 You can also make your own Comments for as many Positions/Skills.

8. When completed with your analysis, press 'Submit Your Analysis' to save and publish your Season Outlook Fanalysis.