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How To: Post-Game Analysis

Most people have plenty to say right after they watched a game! Why did the coach call that play in that situation? Why didn't they attack their opponent with a different strategy?


Fanteractive's Post Game Analysis provides a fun platform to do so! Here is your opportunity to show your expertise on game evaluations!


Fanteractive’s Post Game Analysis provides you a standard form to evaluate and review the performances of any game. Factors include Positional Breakdowns, Personnel Strengths, Coaching, and Strategies.


To complete a Post Game Analysis, after the conclusion of the game, registered users can access it following these steps:


1. From the Main Navigation Bar, Click 'GAMES' tab 

2. Find the desired Game from the listing →

              2.1 Utilize the Search tools to find a specific game. You can use the various filters, type in a team name, or search the calendar.

3. Once you found the game to evaluate, Click the green 'FANALYZE' button next to the game →

4. Click 'Fanalyze' again, located under the matchup information 

5. Now you can begin Post Game Analysis 

              5.1. There will be several tabs to help focus your analysis. Simply click on the tab to open the specified section. Click the 'Proceed' button at the bottom to move on to the next section.

              5.2.  For each category, Simply Click the Dropdown Box and select the Grade you think of each category. If you do not grade a section it will appear as 'No Opinion'.

              5.3 You can also make your own Comments for as many sections you desire.

6. When completed with your analysis, press 'Submit Your Analysis' on the last tab to save and publish your Post Game Fanalysis.