Belgium (V) vs. France (H)

Krestovsky Stadium
St. Petersburg

Tuesday Jul 10,2018 02:00 PM ET

Post Game Analysis by Estes77 for Belgium


Post Game Analysis Report

Overall Performance
Overall Team Grade A    
Execution A-    
Offensive Play A    
Defensive Effectiveness A-    
Player of the Match Thibaut Courtois    
Overall Match Quality A    
Overall Game Assessment This was a great match and both teams had their chances. Courtoise came up big for Belgium again!    

Unit Performance
Game Strategy A-    
Overall Preparedness A    
Lineup & Substitutions A-    
In-Game Management A    
Coaching Comments Mertens was a good addition. Although, they probably still needed Fellaini's air game.    
Offensive Performance
Generating Scoring Opportunities A-    
Finishing C+    
Corner Kicks B    
Set Pieces (Direct/Indirect) B    
Controlling Tempo/Possession A-    
Generating Pressure A    
Offense Comments Belgium had chances, they just could not capitalize..    
Defensive Performance
Goalkeeping A+    
Executing Defensive Game Plan B+    
Controlling Offensive Pressure B+    
Preventing Scoring Opportunities A-    
Conceding/Defending Set Pieces C+    
Transition/Counterattack B+    
Defense Comments They got lucky on a few, but the one real mistake was exploited on the corner kick to win!    
Midfield Play
Maintaining Possession C+    
Generate Offensive Counterattacks A    
Defensive Support & Transition A    
Controlling Tempo A    
Midfield Comments    

Player Performance
Player Pos Grade Comments
Marouane Fellaini (27) MF  B+ 
Eden Hazard (10) MF  Before Courtois's big saves, he was my Man of the Match!
Nacer Chadli (22) MF  A-  was very active in the attack!
Romelu Lukaku (10) FW  B-  They really needed more from him. Not enough.
Dries Mertens (14) FW  Late sub, but was a spark...