NCAA Football

Rutgers (FB) (V) vs. Maryland (FB) (H)

Maryland Stadium
College Park

Saturday Oct 13,2018 12:00 PM ET

Post Game Analysis by AndyB for Rutgers (FB)


Post Game Analysis Report

Overall Team_Grades
Overall Team Grade
Overall Team Grade F    
Overall Offense Grade D    
Overall Defense Grade F    
My Player of the Game Isaih Pacheco    
Game Notes Awful, just awful again. What are they doing with Sitkowski? They are crushing him mentally. Is it really possible to through more INTs than completions????? Pacheco was the lone bright spot for Rutgers - going over 100 yards and a TD.    
Coaching Grades
Game Plan F    
Execution F    
Game Management F    
Key Decisions F    
Play-Calling F    
Creativity F    
Comments on Coaching This should be the final straw for Ash. They do not have another winnable game on the schedule!    

Team Performance
Run Offense (Overall) B    
Passing Offense (Overall) F    
Moving the Chains F    
Protection C    
Big Plays F    
Mistakes F    
Overall QB Play F    
Game Notes on Offense    
Quarterback F    
Running Backs B    
Protection & Blocking C+    
Receiving F    
Analysis Notes Pacheco was the lone bright spot. Could it be time to run a triple option if they cannot pass the ball?    
Passing Game Defense C    
Stopping the Run F    
Controlling the Line of Scrimmage D    
Forcing Turnovers C-    
Big Plays C-    
Mistakes F    
Game Notes on Defense 290 on the ground after giving up over 300 last week?    
Defensive Line F    
Linebackers F    
Defensive Backs F    
Kickoff/Punt Coverage No Opinion    
Kicking No Opinion    
Punting No Opinion    
Kickoff/Punt Returning No Opinion    
Special Teams Comments    
Play of the Game Does the coin toss count?    

Player Grades
Player Pos Grade Comments
Jon Hilliman (23) RB  C- 
Jerome Washington (88) TE 
Bo Melton (18) WR 
Raheem Blackshear (2) RB  C- 
Artur Sitkowski (8) QB 
Isaih Pacheco (10) RB  B+  lone bright spot for Rutgers today. He had to work for his yards though...