National Football League

Jacksonville (V) vs. NY Giants (H)

MetLife Stadium
East Rutherford

Sunday Sep 09,2018 01:00 PM ET

Post Game Analysis by Tozzcast for NY Giants


Post Game Analysis Report

Overall Team_Grades
Overall Team Grade
Overall Team Grade B-    
Overall Offense Grade C+    
Overall Defense Grade B    
My Player of the Game Odell Beckham Jr.    
Game Notes The Giants had a tall task facing one of the better defenses in recent memory. The newly assembled offensive line got tested early. Odell Beckham did his thing despite being shaded by Jalen Ramsey most of the game. If Eli Manning made a few better throws we could be talking about a different result. Saquon Barkley flashed, taking a run play to the house. The defense should have/could have done more against Blake Bortles, and especially after Fournette exited the game, but they were good enough. This came down to the Eli pick 6 and red zone offense.    
Coaching Grades
Game Plan B    
Execution C+    
Game Management B    
Key Decisions B    
Play-Calling B-    
Creativity C-    
Comments on Coaching I thought the Giants could've ran the ball a little bit more. I never thought this game was lost because of coaching or preparation, it came down to execution.    

Team Performance
Run Offense (Overall) B-    
Passing Offense (Overall) C-    
Moving the Chains C+    
Protection C-    
Big Plays B-    
Mistakes C-    
Overall QB Play C-    
Game Notes on Offense This season will be about what we just saw in game 1. Can the line give Eli that extra second/half second, and then can Eli Manning put it on the money. Also, how many carries does Saquon Barkley get.    
Quarterback C-    
Running Backs B+    
Protection & Blocking D    
Receiving B    
Analysis Notes    
Passing Game Defense B    
Stopping the Run B-    
Controlling the Line of Scrimmage C+    
Forcing Turnovers C+    
Big Plays B-    
Mistakes B-    
Game Notes on Defense Fournette was impressive, as the Giants did what they could to contain him. They did get a Janoris Jenkins interception, would've liked at least one more. The big mistake in my eyes was letting Bortles escape on an option for a big play.    
Defensive Line B-    
Linebackers B-    
Defensive Backs B-    
Kickoff/Punt Coverage B    
Kicking A-    
Punting C+    
Kickoff/Punt Returning F    
Special Teams Comments The fumble by Clay in the closing seconds left a bad taste. The Giants deserved to get one last chance with the ball, as the defense had held serve. Not totally sure why Clay was awarded the job when Hunter Sharpe showed upside in that role during preseason, not to mention Odell or Saquon could've been an option to return that late in the game.    
Play of the Game The tipped ball Myles Jack pick 6 with about 11 minutes remaining in the 4th. Just couldn't afford it. Leonard Fournette was out of the game and I felt pretty confident the defense could hold serve, if not force a turnover. The other key play was a drop on 2nd down by Sterling Shepard. The offense seemed to have momentum and was on the move until that took place.    

Player Grades
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