National Football League

NY Giants (V) vs. Atlanta (H)

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Monday Oct 22,2018 08:15 PM ET

Post Game Analysis by Jeff_Leong for NY Giants


Post Game Analysis Report

Overall Team_Grades
Overall Team Grade
Overall Team Grade C    
Overall Offense Grade C+    
Overall Defense Grade C+    
My Player of the Game Odell Beckham Jr.    
Game Notes Not sure why the Giants wait until the last 5 minutes of the game to be aggressive and take shots down the field. Offensive line is atrocious. They need serious help. Eli might have had the most unproductive 399 yard performance ever, fake numbers. The Giants are some how worse than last season.    
Coaching Grades
Game Plan C-    
Execution D    
Game Management C-    
Key Decisions D    
Play-Calling C-    
Creativity F    
Comments on Coaching Terrible decisions. Going for 2 points for no reason. Poor clock management at the end of game. No creativity.    

Team Performance
Run Offense (Overall) C-    
Passing Offense (Overall) B-    
Moving the Chains C-    
Protection F    
Big Plays B+    
Mistakes D    
Overall QB Play C-    
Game Notes on Offense So many check downs on third and longs. Might be one of the worst offensive lines in history.    
Quarterback C-    
Running Backs B+    
Protection & Blocking F    
Receiving A-    
Analysis Notes    
Passing Game Defense F    
Stopping the Run C-    
Controlling the Line of Scrimmage C    
Forcing Turnovers B-    
Big Plays D    
Mistakes C-    
Game Notes on Defense Didn't play bad but not good either. All the blitzing became predictable and Matt Ryan was able to pick them apart. Allowed 17 completions in a row.    
Defensive Line C+    
Linebackers D    
Defensive Backs F    
Kickoff/Punt Coverage B    
Kicking C+    
Punting C+    
Kickoff/Punt Returning C+    
Special Teams Comments    
Play of the Game 4th and 1 @ ATL 1 incomplete pass.    

Player Grades
Player Pos Grade Comments