Fanteractive Game Breakdown for Pittsburgh @ Tampa Bay by itava001

National Football League

Pittsburgh (V) vs. Tampa Bay (H)

Raymond James Stadium

Monday Sep 24,2018 08:15 PM ET

Post Game Analysis by itava001 for Tampa Bay

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Ryan Fitzpatrick
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It wasn’t a pretty game, but the heart of this team I’ve admired for most of my life. Perserverence is what these guys are good at. No matter what the score looks like they push and fight and they are respectable in that sense. Ryan Firzmagic is my player of the game because he took this team when they were down and rallied them like a QB should. We’ve seen Jameis do the same thing, but for Ryan to put up the numbers he did with his protection breaking down is impressive. The future will hold the answer for whoever starts next week. But watching these guys, they feed off each other. There’s plenty of room to grow and a lot to fix. By no means is this a perfect game. But it’s given a new spark I believe to the Bucs community. For the first time in a long time Tampa Bay is first in the NFC South in a hotly contested division, with QB’s like Brees, Ryan and on a good day Newton. I honestly believe that the Bucs are a dark horse this year to play in January and that will be with either QB at the helm I don’t think it will matter who is leading.
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I have liked Dirk Koetter since he was the offensive coordinator, with his explosive plays and his high octane offense. With him as a head coach I do believe in him, I think that he has made a mature move for Monken calling plays and that he is able to be more for the whole team and not just one side of the team. Penalties are hard this year but I think he’s done a great job with getting less and less. Smith’s Defense isn’t that bad when it’s good it’s good. Players are just not executing the way they should be. Not picking up their man or just not being where they need to be. That was evident tonight in both offense and defense. The gaps up front need to close and I love every member of that front 5-6 including LB’s. I’m excited to see how and what Vea will bring to the pass rush. I do also thing that people mostly fans should lay off our CB’s because they played their hearts out and the rookies have been tasked with such a high goal this year. I think they are still playing well with a few exceptions. Coaches I hope will pick through tape this week and get ready for Chicago because after tomorrow Steelers are out of sight, out of mind.