National Football League

Jacksonville (V) vs. New England (H)

Gillette Stadium

Sunday Jan 21,2018 03:05 PM ET

Post Game Analysis by JimConnelly for New England


Post Game Analysis Report

Overall Team_Grades
Overall Team Grade
Overall Team Grade B+    
Overall Offense Grade A-    
Overall Defense Grade B+    
My Player of the Game Danny Amendola    
Game Notes Patriots fans had to sweat this one out! Closer than we hoped and definitely have to hand it to Jacksonville - they were the real deal! But, in the end, champions find a way to win and the Patriots did just that. They wore down the Jaguars and bottled up the run game late to force the Jags to throw. Then the pressure took over. On offense, it was just classic Patriots!    
Coaching Grades
Game Plan A-    
Execution A-    
Game Management A    
Key Decisions A    
Play-Calling A    
Creativity A-    
Comments on Coaching    

Team Performance
Run Offense (Overall) C    
Passing Offense (Overall) A-    
Moving the Chains B    
Protection B+    
Big Plays A-    
Mistakes B+    
Overall QB Play A    
Game Notes on Offense Patriots could not run in this game and they gave up on it pretty early. But, with Brady and the short passing game, it is as good as a run game.    
Quarterback A    
Running Backs C    
Protection & Blocking B    
Receiving A-    
Analysis Notes    
Passing Game Defense B    
Stopping the Run A-    
Controlling the Line of Scrimmage B    
Forcing Turnovers B    
Big Plays B+    
Mistakes B+    
Game Notes on Defense    
Defensive Line B    
Linebackers A-    
Defensive Backs B    
Kickoff/Punt Coverage A    
Kicking A    
Punting A    
Kickoff/Punt Returning No Opinion    
Special Teams Comments Easy day for Gostowski. Pats' punter did great and had more work than usual! Slater is still a beast on special teams!    
Play of the Game    

Player Grades
Player Pos Grade Comments
Tom Brady (12) QB  A-  Not the sharpest, but he just knows how to just pick you apart!
Rob Gronkowski (87) TE  Unstoppable!
Ryan Allen (6)
Rex Burkhead (34) RB  Not much of a factor as a runner
Devin McCourty (32) SS 
Matthew Slater (18) WR  This kid is still unbelievable on special teams.
James White (28) RB