NCAA Mens Basketball

Purdue (MBB) (V) vs. Rutgers(MBB) (H)

Louis Brown Athletic Center

Saturday Feb 03,2018 04:00 PM ET

Post Game Analysis by AndyB for Purdue (MBB)


Post Game Analysis Report

Overall Team_Grades
Overall Team Grade
Overall Team Grade B    
Overall Offense Grade C+    
Overall Defense Grade B    
My Player of the Game Vince Edwards    
Overall Game Analysis Its not that Purdue played that bad, but Rutgers just stepped up that much in the second half. They made Purdue work for everything. The inside game needed to be much stronger. Haas was a non-factor. Rutgers also outrebounded them on both ends!    
Coaching Grades
Game Plan B    
Execution B    
In-Game Management B-    
Key Decisions B    
Creativity B-    
Comments on Coaching    

Unit Analysis
Execution B    
Generating Scoring Opportunities B    
Offensive Chemistry B    
Controlling "The Paint" C    
Offense Rebounding C    
Penetration C    
Drawing Fouls C+    
Outside Shooting B+    
Free Throw Shooting B+    
Comments On Offense    
Interior Defense A-    
Perimeter Defense B+    
Defensive Rebounding B    
Forcing Offensive Mistakes C+    
Creating Transition Opportunities C+    
Defensive Discipline B    
Defensive Schemes B    
Comments On Defense    

Player Performance
Player Performance
Player Pos Grade Comments
Carsen Edwards (3) SG  A-  he was the bright spot today
Matt Haarms (32) PF  B-