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Note: Started grading by the general grade ranges given by fanteractive.

Lateral Quickness


Displays fringe NBA lateral quickness which helps him to excel on defense in college.



Straight line speed is not particularly impressive nor is it a flaw. Average speed as a college point guard.



While his lateral quickness is great and at times displays solid agility, he either can't jump high or decides not to display it. Just lacks explosiveness.



Very thick, strong build helps to make up for average athleticism, but not sure it will do much when moving up a level.



Doubtful that he could be anything more than a point guard. Lacks off-ball ability.



His personal motor is in better condition than the one in his AD's car...



Manages to grab a good amount of rebounds for a point guard.



In game awareness is good enough. Does manage to lose his man off the ball on defense at times. Passing wise he excels though.

Character/ Leadership/ Competitiveness


He was driving the AD's car... at 3 AM... and wrapped it around a light pole... and was stumbling around the car... then lied to police about having driven it... and also said his name is Jeff Jackson. Integrity?



A good passing ability with a great feel for the game as well as a natural creativity that allowed him to come up with a signature layup.


Shot Selection & Efficiency


Takes most of his shots inside the paint or when he's open from three but has struggled in the past with efficiency.

Shot Range


While he has steadily improved from three as time has gone on, he's still limited to only wide open takes where he makes a below average % for wide open threes. While his 3p% is 36%, the degree of difficulty of his shots says that should be at least a little higher. Still not Ben Simmons though.

Passing Ability


Displays a possible NBA passing ability. While he does get a lot of assists, they aren't quite to the degree of difficulty as Cassius Winston's nor do they display quite the ability like Winston. Still a really solid passer though.

Ball Handling & Security


Tight handle that is secure but isn't able to use it often to create his own shot.

Playmaking Ability


Does a good job of finding his teammates but can't create on his own.

Free Throws


Really poor FT shooter for any position, not just a PG.


On-Ball Defense


Is a really good on-ball defender for a college player couldn't always hold his own against top opponents making you wonder if it'll translate. Fringe NBA defender.

Off-Ball Defense


Can get lost at times when not guarding the ball handler. Winston got lots of points off transition and around screens on him as well as Payton Pritchard carving him up.



Pesky defender that did his best to make all your points as tough as possible.


Court Vision


Finds open teammates whenever he can although could still be a more dynamic passer.

Pick & Roll


Does a good job of playing facilitator in the PnR offense.

Controlling Tempo


Struggled at times to keep his own tempo, instead playing to the pace of opponents.

Ability to get in the lane


Got to the basket effectively but will probably in even the summer league.

Shot Creator


Only reason it's this high is because of the hook layup he managed to develop and perfect. Unfortunately, that's about the only move that he has in his arsenal.



Good transition game for college but doesn't project to the NBA.


Passing ability is NBA caliber, Strong on-ball defense, Love the creativity of the hook layup as well as the effectiveness of it, Solid PnR facilitator,


Jeff Jacks... uhh... Zavier Simpson definitely had the questionable situation with the AD's car that nobody talks about, Zero versatility, Doubtful he'll be able to shoot the NBA three, Not a good FT shooter for someone whose only scoring ability is at the basket

Overall Analysis

Unless Zavier can develop a shot, I have a hard time seeing him ever even be big contributor in the G-League. More than likely will have to head overseas to develop. If he does play in the G-League or even somehow make an NBA roster in the future, it'll be because of his passing ability and defense.

Compares to

G-League version of Rookie Elfrid Payton



Career overseas


G-League starter

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