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As training camp opens the Colin Kaepernick watch continues. The NFL has stopped rolling out new excuses for why he hasn’t signed yet - maybe they thought they would only need 5-6 and ran out. As injuries mount throughout the league - two teams have had injuries to their starters so far - pressure will mount on teams to sign Kaepernick. Here is a list of those teams that have/had the most obvious need for Kaepernick during the offseason, as well as reasons why they should, and should not, sign him.


New York Jets - Why They Should: The Jets simply do not have a quarterback on their roster worthy of being a starter in the NFL. Hackenberg and Petty are developmental quarterbacks - albeit at different stages of development - and McKown is a career backup. Kaepernick would be their best option and would offer some potential to win a few extra games. Why They Shouldn't: The Jets are in a full rebuild mode. Winning games in 2017 is to their detriment. The team needs to be focused on building for the future and securing the first overall pick in a deep quarterback class is a good first step. What Are The Chances: 1/10


Baltimore Ravens Why They Should: Joe Flacco is going to miss the preseason with a back injury - or maybe more. If he gets hit hard during the season, and he will, the team risks losing him for several weeks. Ryan Mallett is not the answer, and the team knows this. Why They Shouldn't: I think they might. Baltimore’s fanbase is likely fine with Kaepernick’s stance and the need is great here. What Are The Chances: 7:10


Cleveland Browns Why They Should: Kaepernick is still a better quarterback than what they have. He should also be somewhat attractive to Hue Jackson who has always seemed fond of him. Why They Shouldn't: Osweiler is being paid too much to not be given the chance to start. Deshone Kizer needs an honest look before next year’s draft. And most importantly, the metric driven front office will not view Kaepernick as having a good ROI. What Are The Chances: 0/10


Houston Texans Why They Should: Kaepernick's ability to run with the ball would add another dimension to a team that has talent at receiver and running back. The threat of Kaepernick making plays on the run to DeAndre Hopkins seems….formidable. More formidable than Tom Savage or a rookie Deshaun Watson can offer anyway. Why They Shouldn't: Houston is one town that likely would not welcome Kaepernick. Bob McNair is a Trump loving Republican and probably isn’t interested in paying a guy to fight against his political agendas. What Are The Chances: 2/10


Chicago Bears Why They Should: Because Glennon isn’t very good. Why They Shouldn't: At this point it is too late for them to bring in Kaepernick. Instead of overpaying for Mike Glennon the Bears could have saved $5 million dollars or so and signed Kaepernick to a 1-2 year deal. What Are The Chances: 0/10


Miami Dolphins Why They Should: If the Dolphins really want to make the playoffs again this year they’ll need someone other than Jay Cutler to lead the team. It is not inconceivable that Matt Moore wins that job, but again, why not bring in the better player. Why They Shouldn't: Miami is another city that most certainly would not welcome Kaepernick after his Castro gaffe in August 2016. What Are The Chances: 1/10


Los Angeles Rams Why They Should: Jared Goff might need another year on the bench before he is ready to start. He was forced into action early and it didn’t go well. Giving him the opportunity to sit and learn while Kaepernick is the focus of media scrutiny, and the fans ire, might rebrand Goff into a savior. Why They Shouldn't: Timing, at this point. Kaepernick is not a perfect fit for what McVay asks his quarterbacks to do. It wouldn’t have been a deal breaker in March or April, but now Kaepernick has missed out on some quality opportunities to learn. What Are The Chances: 2/10


Seattle Seahawks Why They Should: Given the reported behind the scenes turmoil in Seattle and the rift between Russell Wilson and the defensive leaders, they organization would do well to have a backup on hand. Why They Shouldn't: Same reason. Introducing more turmoil might make winning an easily winnable division harder. What Are The Chances: 4/10


Jacksonville Jaguars Why They Should: Blake Bortles might be broken beyond repair. He has been hit so many times that he seems to be too focused on the pass rush. Having Kaepernick might allow them to salvage a season or two if they have to start over. Why They Shouldn't: No real reason. What Are The Chances: 3/10


Dallas Cowboys Why They Should: If Dak Prescott goes down for a few weeks then the team’s chances at a SuperBowl likely go down too. Dallas isn’t good enough to win without him and they aren't good enough to win on the road in the playoffs. Why They Shouldn't: Most likely Dallas thinks Kellen Moore can hold down the fort for them if something happens to Prescott. This is why Dallas loses in the playoffs. What Are The Chances: 1/10


Carolina Panthers Why They Should: Cam Newton takes a pounding every year. Giving him a back up with similar qualities and attributes would allow Newton and the Panthers to be more aggressive with him offensively without worrying about ruining a season. Why They Shouldn't: No idea. This fit makes too much sense. What Are The Chances: 6/10


The Remainder Of The Field: Why They Should: Quarterbacks get hurt and insurance policies are very valuable when they do, see the 49ers and Kaepernick a few years back. Why They Shouldn't: No reason. At least no good reason. See Richard Sherman’s take on the situation to really understand the issue. What Are The Chances: 5/10

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