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Where do players in England's Premier League come from?


The Premier League is considered one of the top, if not THE top, league in the world. So it is only fitting that teams would draw players from all over the world. Overall there are 66 countries represented in the Premier League with Uruguay being the only past FIFA World Cup champion not represented.  Because of the Premier Leagues own rules requiring a certain number of "homegrown" players, it is not surprising that England would have 223 of its own players in the country's top league.


France, the 2018 World Cup champions, were the top foreign country with 46 players gracing league rosters.  Rounding out the top five are Spain (34), Netherlands (21), with Belgium (20) and Germany (20) tied for fifth place. The interesting note here is that France and Germany also have top leagues of their own in Ligue 1 and Bundesliga, respectively, with each of those leagues having some top tier teams that also go deep into the UEFA Champions League tournament.


Completing the rest of the top ten are: Brazil (19), Argentina (15), Portugal (11), with Denmark (10) and Ireland (10) tied for the tenth spot. In total, 18 countries have 1 player representing them. 13 countries have 2 players in the league. For some countries, politics enters into the picture: the former Yugoslavian republic had a total of 9 players, although modern boundaries that have changed since most of the players' births, are now dispersed amongst Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia. Germany too is broken up between East and West Germany - although most of the top players hailed from the West.


2017-2018 Premier League champions Manchester City has 24 players from countries with at least one World Cup.  Last year’s 2nd place team, Manchester United, has 21 players from countries winning past World Cup championships. And last year’s 3rd place team, Tottenham has 20 players.


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