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     Just over two weeks ago in Chicago, Illinois, McCormick Place hosted the NWSL College Draft where 36 of the 8,977 women who played Division I soccer in the 2018 season earned professional status. Following the draft, I began researching which cities, states, and countries produced the most NWSL draftees, beginning with the league’s inaugural draft in 2013. In addition, I took a look at each DI women’s roster in the nation to determine which cities, states, and countries were most represented last season. Below are brief summaries of my findings. Click here to access the complete rankings.


NWSL Findings

Players per State (Top 5)

     Having produced a total of 30 NWSL draftees between the 2013 and 2018 College Drafts, California leads the Players per State Rankings. The Golden State had double the number of players drafted than 2nd place New Jersey and more draftees than the 2nd and 3rd placed states combined. Tied at 3rd in the rankings are Texas and Illinois with 12 NWSL draftees. Lastly, Florida ranked 4th with 11 NWSL draftees while 5th placed North Carolina had one less than the Sunshine State. Click here for the complete rankings.


Players per City, State (Province)

     Topping the Players per City/State rankings is Naperville, Illinois with 4 total NWSL draftees since 2013. Next was a five-way tie in 2nd place between: Sandy, Utah; Raleigh, North Carolina; Overland Park, Kansas; McKinney, Texas. Click here for the complete rankings.


Division I Findings

Players per Country (Top 5)

     Ranked 1st with the overwhelming majority of DI players last season was the United States, represented by a total of 8,103 players. Behind the U.S. is Canada with 338 players; the aforementioned nations combined accounted for 94% of DI female players last season. Next, England ranked 3rd with 92 players followed by Germany with 57. Lastly, Spain’s 41 representatives earned the nation a 5th placed ranking. Click here for the complete rankings.


Players per State/Province (Top 5)

     Leading the Players per State/Province rankings is California with a total of 1,169 players at the DI level in 2018. The Golden State had 509 more players on a DI roster last season than 2nd place Texas (660). Separating 3rd place New Jersey (438) and 4th place Florida (417) were a total of 21 players. Lastly, New York ranked 5th with 378 DI players representing The Empire State. Click here for the complete rankings.


Players per City, State/Province (Top 5)

     There were more DI players from San Diego, California (83) last season than any other city. Ranked 2nd behind San Diego is Las Vegas, Nevada with 55 players while Cincinnati, Ohio was a very close 3rd with 53. Tied in 4th were Naperville, Illinois and Atlanta, Georgia with 40 players from each city. Austin, Texas ranked 5th with 36 players. Click here for the complete rankings.

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