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Kentucky who has the number 2 rated recruiting class coming into the season has shown the disparity between the top school in Duke. Coach Calipari will have his team better suited when we turn the calendar to 2019. Duke on the other hand looks ready for March and we’re still in the first couple weeks of November.

I can say with much certainty that Duke has 3 players that are poised to make their transition to the NBA following the current college basketball season. RJ Barrett, Zion Williamson, and Cam Reddish will likely all go in the top 10 which gives Coach K one of most explosive teams to date.

All three players possess different yet effect skill sets. Barrett can be the best player maker, Zion is the most explosive player in college basketball, and Cam Reddish can shoot the ball with the best of them. Along with numerous others highly touted players at Duke.

Kentucky will be one of the top teams throughout the year and this loss will allow Coach Cal to remind his team of what can happen when you don’t player with energy and execute against other talented programs.

One thing to look out for is the point guard position at Kentucky, there have been a litany of players that are now in the NBA that controlled that position. Immanuel Quickly will be the player many believe is “next up” but if Kentucky continues to struggle, Coach Cal will have his hands full this season.

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