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Week 9 And Another Thing


1) Sam Darnold is reportedly leaning towards staying in school another year, which is possibly a good thing. As it stands now the production and experience of Josh Rosen and the raw skill set of Josh Allen would likely relegate Darnold to the 3rd overall selection, at best. While the 49ers could wind up picking third, which Darnold would likely find attractive, the Giants, Bengals, or Colts might also wind up there and those are likely teams that Darnold would prefer not to sign with.


2) Jimbo Fisher got into a heated argument with a fan following Florida State’s loss to Louisville this past weekend, and putting aside the absurdity of the fans behavior, this is yet another embarrassing incident for Fisher at FSU. Let’s not forget that it the Seminoles head coach publicly called a Jameis Winston’s rape accuser a liar, based only on his relationship with Winston. That is a textbook definition of victim blaming and should have resulted in his immediate suspension or termination. College coaches that can’t control their emotions when confronted by fans are, quite simply, bad at their jobs. At least the part of their job where they are leaders of a program.


3) Penn State Ohio State will be the biggest game of this week and while it is a must win for Ohio State it is not for Penn State, who might benefit from losing. Should the Nittany Lions fall in a close game at Ohio State, they wouldn’t fall so far in the rankings that they couldn’t make it back up over the rest of the season. If that happens and both teams win out then Penn State will have a respectable 1 loss and not have to play Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship game, where a loss is far more likely to derail their playoff hopes..


1) Carson Palmer’s injury might spell the end of his career. At 38 years old Palmer can’t hang on forever and with Bruce Arians also considering walking away at the end of the season Palmer probably wouldn’t want to learn a new offense. Should Arians stay and draft a quarterback early, then it is possible he would try to coax Palmer into playing one more year, but I wouldn’t bet on it.


2) Another player who might be considering retirement is Joe Thomas. The best left tackle in football for the last decade will miss his first start ever on Sunday. Thomas has been the subject of trade rumors for the last few seasons although he appears to be content in Cleveland. He has also spoken of the aches and pains he deals with constantly and some time off might convince him to drop some weight and retire to ease the pain on his joints.


3) Martavis Bryant’s trade request is strange if only because he must know he has hardly any value. Bryant is 1 suspension away from missing a full season or more and teams are not going to want to give up good draft capital to take on that risk. That the Steelers chose to trade Sammie Coates away, instead of Bryant, at the start of the season also makes a trade far less likely. Pittsburgh knows that letting Bryan walk away and gaining a compensatory pick is going to give them the best value, as well as provide another player that NFL defenses have to contend with.


And Another Thing


Every year as the trade deadline approaches NFL pundits plot the possible trade scenarios. In many cases these days teams would rather hold onto their problem player and try to extract a compensatory selection (see Bryant) or cut the player in the offseason when possible replacements are more clearly defined. Duane Brown is the player most likely to be mentioned this season although the quarterback injuries throughout the league might make Teddy Bridgewater an attractive option as well. Most likely neither will be traded but teams will certainly do their due diligence if only to strike a trade in the offseason when they seem less desperate.

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