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Week 7 And Another Thing




1: Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones really laid the gauntlet down when he stated that players who knelt for the anthem would not play. Unfortunately for Jones it really isn’t up to him. Should the entire team kneel, or every defensive player, or all of the offensive linemen, they would absolutely still play. Jones’ frustration with being so publicly associated with this protest is understandable but it is his choice to pander to the candidate that he helped elect in such a rudimentary way. One that will likely backfire on him.


2: The Adrian Peterson trade to Arizona looks like a win-win-win. The Cardinals need a running back to take over the running portion of David Johnson’s duties, the Saints were tired of Peterson’s whining, and Peterson simply wants to get more opportunities in his limited time left. Along with Andre Ellington, as a receiving option, the Cardinals now have a pretty decent approximation of David Johnson and might be able to salvage their season before it is too late.


3: Things have to start heating up in Cleveland at some point. It’s a neat trick that Sashi Brown is pulling - investing in future draft picks so that the future always seems bright - but Brown is eventually going to need to use those picks and John Podesta's analytics do not figure to be of much help when it comes to drafting and developing college players. Also, the Browns are terrible. Worse than last year. The team is so bad that Hue Jackson will likely never have an overall winning record as an NFL coach with at least 30 losses coming in his first two seasons in Cleveland. Worse still is that Cleveland passed on Deshaun Watson who is exciting fans in Houston. Having two seasons of stability in Cleveland is nice but at some point the Browns need to win a game and develop some young offensive stars.




1: Gary Andersen resigned from Oregon State earlier this week due to frustration with his coaching staff. It is worth noting that Andersen left Wisconsin for the Oregon State job after Mike Reilly left Oregon State for the Nebraska job. Few people in college football would argue that either Oregon State or Nebraska is a better job than Wisconsin currently, and Mike Riley will likely be looking for work come December anyway.


2: Iowa State’s victory over Oklahoma is probably the greatest victory in that program's history. Certainly it was a signature win for Matt Campbell in his second season and should help the Cyclones recruit some of the types of players that they haven’t been able to sign in the past.


3: If you haven’t been paying attention to Saquon Barkley he is starting to look human again. Barkley has been quite pedestrian over the last two weeks while Bryce Love and Kerryon Johnson are lighting the world on fire at running back. Johnson is still probably a long shot to win the award but should he continue to put up 3 touchdowns per game (on average) and add a few more 200 yard performances to his resume then he will merit an invite, especially if Auburn wins the SEC.


And Another Thing


Years ago Lawrence Taylor alleged that many NFL assistant coaches stayed awake and alert by snorting cocaine. Taylor was routinely lambasted at the time by the media for what were called “irresponsible allegations.” Now that Chris Forester has resigned following a video of him snorting a substance that looked like cocaine, perhaps Taylor should feel vindicated. The most striking part of the video to me was how nonchalant Forester was about the entire situation, which suggests that he viewed it as being somewhat routine. We’ll see what else comes out, as I’ve been around the league long enough to know a number of troubling rumors that are far worse than drug use, but we no longer live in a world where discretion can be counted on so bad behavior is likely to be uncovered, eventually.

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