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Week 4 College Football What We Learned


Tennessee Is For Real

Having lost the last 12 games to Florida Tennessee fans must have felt terrible after watching the Volunteers fall behind 21-0, having turned the ball over twice inside the 10 yard line. It is a testament to Butch Jones, however, that the team kept its focus and climbed out of the hole. Joshua Dobbs still makes far too many mistakes for Tennessee to be the elite teams, although Alabama is the only one they will play, but this is the kind of game that can give him a confidence boost moving forward.


Tom Herman Will Have His Pick Of Jobs

The biggest thing Herman will have to deal with for the rest of the year is the questions regarding his future. LSU has almost certainly reached out to his representatives by now and teams like USC, Auburn, Oregon and Baylor will probably do the same. Herman is in good shape career wise and could stay put at Houston if the Big 12 comes calling.


Speaking of Big 12 Expansion

The Big 12 can’t seem to get it right. Adding BYU would benefit the league as a whole but would be a disaster from a PR standpoint and potentially cause some issues unless BYU relaxed it’s student code. The league must wish it had grabbed Louisville when it had the chance but it didn’t. Houston seems to be the most obvious choice but the Big 12 might not want to wait too long. Conference expansion is probably not close to finishing so much as it is resting. At some point either the Big 12 or the ACC is going to be cannibalized by the other conferences in a push to get to 16 schools each. The SEC won’t be caught sleeping again and the chance to add an non power 5 team like Houston, and strengthen their foothold in the lucrative Texas TV markets would more than offset the cultural fit issues with Houston.


Les Miles Probably Should Have Been Fired Last Season

Those in the know realize that the school hesitated to fire Miles heading into a season with a roster as talented as what LSU currently has and so Miles kept his job for this season. Rumors circulated that a number of LSU players let it be known that they would leave if Miles were fired and the University decided not to take a chance. But really, what was going to change? LSU’s problems under Miles have come from poor quarterback play and stubborn offensive play calling. Cam Cameron, a decidedly nice guy, has simply never been a great play caller and expecting Brandon Harris to magically transform into a pro-style quarterback was just not going to happen. Whoever gets that job will need to be a better developer of quarterbacks than Miles has been.


Notre Dame Is No Longer An Elite Team

Sure they can reach the elite levels on occasion that are off limits to all but 20 of the top programs but they don’t live there anymore. And while they haven’t for some time the Brian Kelly resurgence masked some of their most glaring issues. The Irish simply aren’t going to be able to bring in the same amount of talent as their Big Ten and SEC counterparts due to their academic requirements and so, when they lose the veteran leadership that they had last year, they will struggle to replace it for a season or two. It’s not going to change Irish fans. Notre Dame is now on a 4 year cycle in terms of being a contender.


And Another Thing

Lost in all of the drama surrounding the Les Miles firing this week was that Auburn secured a victory that it can now build off of. Sean White finally looked like he was in control, the defense played well, and the team didn’t have any costly mistakes. LSU is a much more talented team than Auburn, and perhaps the most talented defense they will face all year, and now Auburn finds itself a 2-2 with both losses coming to legitimate top 10 teams and a favorable schedule down the road. At least until the Iron Bowl.

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