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Week 3 Picks


Back on track after a heavy NFL week, but this week will see a return to mostly college picks t, so hopefully I’ve learned enough to keep the momentum going. For the record my goal is to be at 70% for the season. I’m there now but I need some breathing room.


Last Week’s finish 4-1.

This Week’s predicted finish 5-0.

On the Season: 7-3



Michigan at Wisconsin: It’s put up or shut up time for Jim Harbaugh and company, although the same was being said last season before this game. Unlike last season this game is at Camp Randall and that favors the Badgers. Jonathan Taylor is a stud and he should be able to play well at home. Michigan definitely needs a win though and they have too much talent to be ignored right now.IF they want to stay in the playoff hunt they need this win. Wisconsin 24-Michigan 23


Auburn at Texas A&M: Like Michigan and Wisconsin both of these teams have aspirations of making a playoff push this year. Unlike Wisconsin and Michigan the Tigers and Aggies play two of the most difficult schedules in the nation. Interestingly Auburn has never lost at Kyle Field. They’ve also never had to play their coaching nemesis Jimbo Fischer there, however, so this year could be different. Injuries along the Aggies offensive line should cause concern but that probably just means they’ll move to a shorter, quicker, set of passes, and probably more outside runs. If Auburn’s offensive line really turned a corner last week then lookout, they might run for 400 yards. Auburn 34 Texas A&M 24


Notre Dame at Georgia: All three of this weeks college games feature one of the eight teams that will win the National Championship, they also play each other. Conventional wisdom is that Georgia has the best chance of the three but conventional wisdom in September is often folly come November. Can the Fighting Irish slow down DeAndre Swift and Jake Fromm? I’m guessing not enough in Athens. Georgia 38-Notre Dame 20


Baltimore at Kansas City: Word on the street is that Jackson and Mahomes are the next Manning and Brady. And I mean the streets in Baltimore. Specifically, the streets in the Ravens complex. Don Martindale’s prognostications aside both Jackson and Mahomes look very good and have good supporting casts around them. The Chiefs have a slightly better supporting cast though, and more big game experience. That should be the difference. Kansas City 31- Baltimore 27


Houston at Los Angeles Chargers: Neither the Texans nor the Chargers have really looked all that good this year. The Chargers are missing offensive starters at left tackle, running back, and tight end due to illness, a holdout, and injury respectively. They still have Phillip Rivers and plenty of weapons in the receiving game, and Austin Ekeler. The Texans have the leagues best receiving corps and a backfield made up of talented castoffs that are playing effectively. Both teams have solid defenses lead by superstar players. The Chargers have a home field advantage that includes 12,000 fans screaming at certain key moments. How will the Texans adapt to the silence that will fill their souls. My guess is not good. People don’t like silence. Silence is when the bad thoughts come. Los Angeles 31 - Houston 23

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