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Week 17 Pick 'Em

Last Week 2-0
Season Total: 61-20

Last weeek of the NFL regular season and the first week of the College Footbal Playoffs. Let's just dive right in.


#4 Oklahoma at #1 LSU - Oklahoma is in a good situation in the BIG 12 because they appear to be an elite program, even though they are not really capable of beating other elite programs when they are having elite years. Sure they can beat a two or three loss SEC team that isn't playing for anything but beating LSU is another story. This game shouldn't be close, though it might masquerade as a close game by the end. LSU 48 - Oklahoma 34.


#3 Clemson at #2 Ohio State - This is a tough game to pick because Clemson hasn't done anything other than win all season yet they still find themselves a clear afterthought to LSU and OSU in the top contender conversation. Clemson will be fired up and is a dangerous team but Ohio State has more talent at key positions on defense and an offense that can keep pace with Trevor Lawrence and company. OSU 38-Clemson 34.


#17 Minnesota at #12 Auburn - Auburn is missing some guys but all world defensive lineman Derrick Brown, and fellow All American Marlon Davidson are both playing in this game. Auburn appears to be fired up and focused on winning ten games for the second time in three seasons. Minnesota's offensive line will have their hands full. Auburn 41 - Minnesota 20.


#6 Oregon at #8 Wisconsin - Wisconsin, like Oklahoma is not able to beat elite teams having good years, they simply don't have the talent to do so. Unlike Oklahoma there are other elite programs in the Big Ten so Wisconsin doesn't get a guaranteed ten wins every year. They should be good enough to beat this Oregon team, however. Wisconsin 24 - Oregon 23.


#14 Michigan at #13 Alabama - Both teams will have a number of draft eligible players sit out but even if Michigan's players played it wouldn't matter. The difference in talent is simply too great unless Alabama just doesn't show up. Alabama 42 - Michigan 17.


Tennessee at Houston - Tennessee is a good team and has had quite a late season run but Houston is a much better team and probably wants to keep the Titans out of the playoffs as much as they want a bye week. Houston 31 - Tennessee 20.


San Francisco at Seattle - The story has been that the Seahawks are beaten up at the moment but that shouldn't matter. San Francisco is the better team, though they were still learning to be a favorite the first time these teams played. Don't expect the same mishaps that allowed Seattle to stay in the game to occur this time. San Francisco 38 - Seattle 17

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