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Week 12 College Football Playoff Standings


The narrowing of the playoff field in Week 11 continued into Week 12, and the clarity of the playoff race has now been sacrificed for a glut of one loss teams as only Alabama stands unbeaten.


Frontrunners: Alabama, Michigan, Clemson, Ohio State,  

There was a major shakeup at the top of the rankings. Obviously only Michigan r Ohio State will make the playoffs, as a two loss team that doesn’t even play in the Conference Championship game is not going to make it, but these are the four teams that appear to have the best shot currently.


Controls Their Own Destiny: Wisconsin


The Badgers are the only remaining team that now control their own destiny. Win out and a spot in the playoffs as a #3 or 4 seed is all but guaranteed.


Need Some Help: Louisville, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Washington


Oklahoma and West Virginia still have a lot that needs to go right for them, including losses to both Louisville and Washington most likely. Washington should place with a strong finish but that finish will need to be very strong after their loss to USC. Although Louisville still needs some help their playoff chances look much better this week than at any time since they los to Clemson.



Eliminated from Playoff Contention:  Florida, Texas A&M, Nebraska, LSU, Baylor, Auburn

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