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Week 11 College Football Playoff Standings


As will repeatedly happen this year Week 10 offers some clarity to the college football playoff race. The frontrunners, as I see them, remain strong while two rivalry games, and an upset, eliminated several of the top contenders. The field is now, essentially, ten teams deep.


Frontrunners: Alabama, Michigan, Clemson, Washington


There are no changes here so far. Washington, Clemson, and Michigan won big while Alabama won a decisive victory over a playoff contender on the road. Clemson has the easiest remaining schedule of the four teams as Alabama Michigan and Washington each have games with multiple ranked teams on their slate.


Controls Their Own Destiny: Ohio State, Wisconsin, Auburn


Each team still control their own destiny by virtue of having a matchup against one of the top 2 teams in the country. Should Ohio State beat Michigan they will play Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship Game, barring something unforeseeable. There will be two games between those three teams, one way or the other. Auburn travels to Tuscaloosa on the Saturday after Thanksgiving for a matchup of two of the top 8 teams in the country, as of now. The winner will go on to face a , very likely, overmatched SEC East team in the SEC Championship Game. If any of these teams win ut they will replace whichever top 4 team they beat in the playoffs.


Need Some Help: Louisville, Oklahoma, West Virginia


Louisville will have a difficult time making the playoffs unless Clemson loses twice and a surprise 3 loss team wins the SEC - from the East. Even then it might not be enough. Oklahoma has a tougher remaining schedule but will need to have at least 3 upsets during Championship week, and probably an additional OSU loss to have a shot. West Virginia is in slightly better shape than Oklahoma, but not by much and still need a number of higher ranked teams to lose.



Eliminated from Playoff Contention:  Florida, Texas A&M, Nebraska, LSU, Baylor

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