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1: Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame - McGlinchey has been solid so far in 2017 and looks like to have the highest floor of all of the offensive linemen. He does not have the elite athleticism of Brown or WIlliams but he displays excellent technique and playing strength, and he has more than enough agility to play on the blind side. I expect him to be taken in the top 10


2: Orlando Brown, Oklahoma - Brown has the most upside of any tackle in this draft and figures to compete with McGlinchey and Nelson to be the first offensive linemen selected. Brown is still more athlete than complete player but his skill set is impressive and he has shown improvement during his collegiate career. He should be a top 10 selection.


3: Quenton Nelson, Notre Dame - Nelson is a dominating guard who is a mauler in the run game and capable of shutting down interior pass rushers. He is the best overall lineman in this draft but he plays offensive guard and will likely be passed by slightly less dominating prospects at tackle. He should still go in the top 15.


4: Connor Williams, Texas WIlliams has had some injury issues in 2017 that have kept him off the field. His skill set is impressive, however, and he should be back playing soon. WHen he does play he shows the athleticism and technique needed to play left tackle in the NFL. He should easily be a first round choice.


5: Mathias Rankin, Mississippi State  - Scouts, or at least draft pundits, seem to disagree on Rankin as a prospect. What is clear from his tape is that he has the ability to play, although he lacks elite strength, size, and is capable of getting beaten off the edge. Rankin is a great run blocker who is able to get to the second level and make blocks in space. For that reason I think he might move inside to guard, or possibly to right tackle in the NFL. I expect Rankin to be a second round selection.


6: Chukwuma Okorafor, Western Michigan - Okorafor is a hot name in scouting circles at the moment. He has dominated at times in the MAC and has held his own against better competition as well. Okorafor has two fatal flaws, however. He plays very high and loses leverage and his does not have the speed to handle NFL edge rushers. He looks like a right tackle that will need some serious refinement. Considered a top 60 prospect. I don’t see him as a first round value.


7: Braden Smith, Auburn - Smith  is considered a guard by some and a tackle by others. During his time at Auburn he has played four positions along the offensive line and has generally been the Tigers best lineman during his tenure on the plains. Smith could start at tackle, or be a swing tackle, for teams that use a gap blocking system. His real strength, however, is at guard, where he fits most any system. It is likely that teams are impressed by his strength as a run blocker and draft him earlier as a guard than as a tackle. Smith is a top 60 prospect that could move up draft boards with a strong showing at the Senior Bowl and Combine. He will interview extremely well.

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