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Top 2020 Quarterback Prospects 


The upcoming NFL Draft is widely considered to be rich at defensve line, offensive line, wide receiver, and quarterback. As the season draws to a close it is worth takeing a look at each position group. 'Tanking for Tua' was all the rage earlier this year but the Dolphins slipped up and won a few games. The injury to Tua, and the emergence of Joe Burrow, might mean that the Dolphins still have a shot at him. Given the importance of the position and the uncertainty of the position for a neumber of NFL clubs  five or six signal callers being selected in the first round is a reasonable guess.




1: Joe Burrow - Burrow is the cream of this years crop and it isn't particularly close, even when Tagovailoa was healthy. Burrow has the ability to make every throw and teh confidence to trust his receivers. His deceiving athleticism hels him to make plays with his feet and he shows a leadership style that NFL teams will covet. he should be the top player drafted.

2:  Justin Herbert - What sets Herbert apart from the other quarterbacks on this list is his consistency. While that is a positive it can cause Herbert to play to cautiously when he should be taking risks. If he can maintain his accuracy though that won't be a major problem for him. There are a number of places where he appears to be a good fit in the league, and while he probaby won't ever be considered the best quarterback he can be a good one fr a very long time. He'll be a top five choice.

3: Jordan Love - People are sleeping on Jordan Love because he attends Utah State. Having watched his tape I can tell you that Love is an excellent prospect and has one of the best arms in this class. He drives the ball with accuracy, is unafraid to make the big throws, and is fearless in the pocket. Scouts are higher on Love than the general public right now, because scouts watch tape, but I expect him to rise into the top ten, and possibly as high as the top three.

4: Jacob Eason - Eason is a classic drop back quarterback with good size and a big arm. He has impressive accuracy on internediate and long routes. I don't see any major flaws in his game and feel like he might be the top pick of 2021 should he choose to stay in school. I don't expect him to do that though and I see him as having top ten potential and being selected in the first half of round one.

5: Tua Tagovaiola - If Tua wasn't hurt he'd be a top five selection. As it stands now he'll likely fall into a better fit for him since he is likely to miss a significant chunk of his first season. Going to a better team with an established veteran nearing retirement, or at the end of a contract, and learning for a year could make Tua a much better quarterback over time. I count as many as eleven teams that might be interested in him, including three that are destined to make this years playoffs. He'll go in the latter half of the first round.

6: Jake Fromm - Fromm is a complicated quarterback to evaluate in many ways. His mechanics are all over the place, his accuracy is questionable at best, and he has less than ideal size. He also is a winner who inspires confidence in his teammates and plays with a courage and passion that cannot be coached. Like Tagovaiola he will benefit from a year to sit and watch a veteran. I wouldn't be shocked if a team with a need at quarterback chooses a better defensive line prospect like Derrick Brown or Chase Young, or even Fromm's teammate, left tackle Andrew Thomas, and then traded back into the late first round for Fromm, but I think he's a top forty choice regardless.

NFL Teams That Might Be In The Market


Miami - This one is obvious but the Dolphins might wait and use a mid round choice on a signal caller if they don't like their options early.

New England - The Patriots appear to like Stidham, and Brady might even play another year or two, but you can't rule out New England taking a prospect if they find one they love.

Cincinnati - They should be in the Burrow business at one overall.

Jacksonville - I expect a new regime entirely. If so, I expect a new regime to want a new quarterback.

Tennessee - The Titans might try and keep Ryan Tannehill, or shop for a bigger fish in free agency, but they have a stark need at the position, and it's their only stark need.

Los Angeles Chargers - I assume Rivers will be back because he means too much to Spanos to let him leave bitterly but grabbing a QBOTF to sit for a year behind Rivers, as Rivers did behind Drew Brees, should be their focus.

Denver - The Broncos need to solve this position, maybe it will be Drew Lock, if not I expect them to jump back into the quarterback feeding frenzy. 

Minnesota - They are gonna want something better than Cousins long term, short of a Super Bowl appearance this year, and letting a guy sit and watch while Cousins plays out his contract is a good option. Especially if they don't like the offensive tackles available to them.

Chicago - The Bears won't get anywhere near a quarterback unless they trade up into the late first round, which they probably should if they like on of the top guys.

Carolina - It depends on what Tepper wants to do but I could see a regime change happening here as well.

New Orleans - Perhaps Brees retires, perhaps not, but unless the Saints can convince Bridgewater to stay they need to make a move sooner rather than later. This will be the only year they have good options late in the draft.

Tampa Bay - With Licht recently signing an extension and Arians publicly declaring his support for Winston it seems like Jamiese will get another year, likely on the franchise tag, to prove himself. But Arians might fall in love with one of the prospects that is available to the Bucs and what then?

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