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A tiered look at my lottery big board. Quick hitting 280 charcater (or less) scouting reports with links to longer Fanteractive scouting reports which will be updated as they are completed. For other scouting reports on players not included, you can check my page out here:

Tier 1:

Zion Williamson, PF (Duke, Freshman)

College Stats: 22.6 PTS…8.9 RBS…2.1 AST…68.0 FG%...33.8 3P%...64.0 FT%

Measurements: 6’7” (N/A), 285 lbs.

Expected Draft Range: 1

Prediction: All NBA/All Star


Zion is the obvious pick for his versatility on defense and his combination of size, athleticism, and motor. His playmaking and vision are special, and he will thrive as the fulcrum of a high motor NBA offense producing highlights as a ballhandler and screener. All-NBA Potential.

Comparisons: Blake Griffin, Larry Johnson

Tier 2:

Ja Morant, PG (Murray State, Sophomore)

College Stats: 24.5 PTS…5.7 RBS…10.0 AST…49.9 FG%...33.6 3P%...81.0 FT%

Measurements: 6’3” (N/A), 175 lbs.

Expected Draft Range: 2-3

Prediction: Starter/All Star


Ja Morant is an explosive pass-first point guard who can make every pass in the book. He is an athlete just as likely to catch a lob dunk as pass one and whose speed and athleticism is top notch. Morant needs to improve on defense and add muscle to his slight frame for the NBA.

Comparisons: Ricky Rubio, Russell Westbrook


RJ Barrett, SG (Duke, Freshman)

College Stats: 22.6 PTS…7.6 RBS…4.3 AST…45.4 FG%...30.8 3P%...66.5 FT%

Measurements: 6’7” (N/A), 202 lbs.

Expected Draft Range: 2-3

Prediction: Starter/All Star


RJ Barrett is a big ballhandler who uses excellent body control and athleticism to score around the basket. Barrett should improve as a shooter and needs to improve with his right hand and as a passer to unlock his potential as a secondary or complimentary playmaker on good teams.

Comparisons: Justise Winslow, Jimmy Butler

Tier 3:

Darius Garland, PG (Vanderbilt, Freshman)

College Stats: 16.2 PTS…3.8 RBS…2.6 AST…53.7 FG%...47.8 3P%...75.0 FT%

Measurements: 6’2” (N/A), 175 lbs.

Expected Draft Range: 4-6

Prediction: Starter/All Star


Garland is a modern lead guard with a variety of passing abilities secondary to a strong scoring instinct along with a nice disruptiveness on defense. With average size, he will need to improve his ability to finish through contact and control tempo to be a starter in the NBA.

Comparisons: Damian Lillard, Quinn Cook, Jamal Murray


Jarrett Culver, SG (Texas Tech, Sophomore)

College Stats: 18.5 PTS…6.4 RBS…3.7 AST…46.1 FG%...30.4 3P%...70.7 FT%

Measurements: 6’5” (N/A), 195 lbs.

Expected Draft Range: 4-7

Prediction: Starter


Jarrett Culver is a nice complementary player who can score off the dribble, playmake for others, and hold his own defensively. Culver will need to improve his defensive stance and smooth out his jumpshot and his ceiling will be determined by his improvement in pick and roll play

Comparisons: Caris LeVert, Will Barton

Tier 4:

Coby White, PG (North Carolina, Freshman)

College Stats: 16.1 PTS…3.5 RBS…4.1 AST…42.2 FG%...35.3 3P%...80.0 FT%

Measurements: 6’4.75” (6’5”), 191.4 lbs.

Expected Draft Range: 6-8

Prediction: Starter


Coby White will be able to find minutes early as an NBA rookie due to his ball handling and shooting and his versatility in being able to play either guard position. he finishes well in contact but needs to improve IQ, creativity, and facilitating to play more as a lead guard.

Comparisons: Eric Bledsoe, Terry Rozier, Jeff Teague


Cam Reddish, SF (Duke, Freshman)

College Stats: 13.5 PTS…3.7 RBS…1.9 AST…35.6 FG%...33.3 3P%...77.2 FT%

Measurements: 6’8” (N/A), 218 lbs.

Expected Draft Range: 4-9

Prediction: Starter/All Star


Cam Reddish is a polarizing prospect who was heralded for his playmaking and shooting in high school but failed to find his footing in his lone college season. Reddish still translates as a 3-and-D player who should be able to play as a secondary ballhandler with more touches.

Comparisons: Gordon Hayward, Big Ben McLemore, Paul George


De’Andre Hunter, F (Virginia, Sophomore)

College Stats: 15.2 PTS…5.1 RBS…2.0 AST…52.0 FG%...43.8 3P%...78.3 FT%

Measurements: 6’7” (N/A), 225 lbs.

Expected Draft Range: 4-10

Prediction: Starter


Hunter is a high floor player whose on ball defense and shooting off the catch will immediately translate to help any team in the league. Hunters lack of playmaking leave questions as to his potential beyond a wing "3-and-D" role player.

Comparisons: OG Anunoby, Mikal Bridges


Sekou Doumbouya, F (France, 2000)

College Stats: 7.8 PTS…3.3 RBS…0.7 AST…48.2 FG%...34.3 3P%...79.3 FT%

Measurements: 6’9” (N/A), 210 lbs.

Expected Draft Range: 8-12

Prediction: Starter


Doumbouya is a raw athlete with a smooth jumpshot and limited ballhandling ability whose playing time will be based on his defensive improvement. He lacks an impressive first step, so his scoring ability will depend on his developing IQ and adjustment to NBA physicality.

Comparisons: Marvin Williams, Maurice Harkless


Jaxson Hayes, C (Texas, Freshman)

College Stats: 10.0 PTS…5.0 RBS…0.3 AST…72.8 FG%...00.0 3P%...74.0 FT%

Measurements: 6’11.5” (7’3.5”), 218.6 lbs.

Expected Draft Range: 9-15

Prediction: Starter


Hayes is a rim running center who burst onto the basketball scene late. He is a raw prospect, but his great hands, quick footwork, and athleticism will allow him to impact the game immediately. He needs to improve his physicality, perimeter defense, and offensive versatility.

Comparisons: Clint Capela, Mitchell Robinson

Tier 5:

Nassir Little, SG/F (North Carolina, Freshman)

College Stats: 9.8 PTS…4.6 RBS…0.7 AST…48.0 FG%...26.9 3P%...77.0 FT%

Measurements: 6’6” (7’1.25”), 224.2 lbs.

Expected Draft Range: 10-16

Prediction: Starter/Rotation


Nassir Little is an intriguing athlete that coaches rave about. Little lacks feel with shaky handle and jumper, but his defensive tenacity, offensive versatility, extreme athleticism, and upstanding character make him a project worth taking a chance on.

Comparisons: Andre Iguodala (if he gets better feel), Stanley Johnson, Dante Exum


Rui Hachimura, F (Gonzaga, Junior)

College Stats: 19.7 PTS…6.5 RBS…1.5 AST…59.1 FG%...41.7 3P%...73.9 FT%

Measurements: 6’8” (N/A), 230 lbs.

Expected Draft Range: 10-18

Prediction: Starter/Rotation


Hachimura improved dramatically in his junior season showing an extended range on his jump shot, increased feel, and improved as an active defender and rebounder. Hachimura will be able to score off the bench and his 3-point shooting will determine his ceiling.

Comparisons: Jabari Parker, Markieff Morris


Nickeil Alexander-Walker, SG (Virginia Tech, Sophomore)

College Stats: 16.2 PTS…4.1 RBS…4.0 AST…47.4 FG%...37.4 3P%...77.8 FT%

Measurements: 6’5.5” (6’9.5”), 203.8 lbs.

Expected Draft Range: 12-18

Prediction: Starter/Rotation


Alexander-Walker is a long armed, quick, and athletic defender who can add shooting, defense, and playmaking to any NBA backcourt. He makes one hand passes to both corners and has great timing hitting cutters and rollers that will benefit from NBA spacing.

Comparisons: Playmaking Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Good Shooting Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Long Armed Malcolm Brogdon


Brandon Clarke, PF/C (Gonzaga, Junior)

College Stats: 16.9 PTS…8.6 RBS…1.9 AST…68.7 FG%...26.7 3P%...69.4 FT%

Measurements: 6’8.25” (6’8.25”), 207.2 lbs.

Expected Draft Range: 8-18

Prediction: Rotation/Starter


Brandon Clarke is coming into the NBA at the perfect time. With his defensive timing, footwork, and quick hands Clarke looks the part of a small ball center or power forward next to a dynamic scoring center. Clarke's offense beyond floaters off drives will determine his ceiling.

Comparisons: Paul Milsap (if he learns to shoot), Shot Blocking Kenneth Faried, Jordan Bell

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