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LeBron James has shook up the NBA with his decision to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. In the resulting Free Agency shockwave, Magic Johnson has managed to secure a bunch of valuable assets to help bolster the Lakers even more. Players like Pacers star Lance Stephenson, the legendary former Boston guard Rajon Rondo, and defensive power player JaVale McGee were signed to the team in the wake of LeBron’s decision. To put into perspective how impactful LeBron really is we can look to the offseason standings for evidence. Prior to the signing, the Los Angeles Lakers had the 11th best odds to win the NBA championship next season after having missed 5 consecutive playoffs. After Lebron’s decision, they jumped to having the 2nd best odds of winning the chip, only being bested by the Golden State Warriors. In terms of his now former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers dropped down to having a 500 to 1 odds to win the NBA Finals. This is a testament to how great of a player he is and what he can provide for a team. He brought the Cleveland Cavaliers to 4 consecutive finals, and gave his all for the city in order to win a championship. He achieved his goal & now has moved onto better things. Unexpectedly, fans who once burned his jersey when he originally left to play for the Miami Heat in the 2011-2012 season, now only thank LeBron. As evident by the season the Cavaliers just had, LeBron was the sole reason they even made the playoffs, let alone to the finals. Commentary of him having to carry his team through all 82 regular season games and through the postseason shed light on the situation, there’s only so much one man can do. He willed his team to success with career-high numbers in almost every category. For that, Cleveland fans can only respect his decision to take his talents to Los Angeles.


Even though LeBron is officially in LA and excitement is widespread, he still has the challenge of facing the Golden State Warriors. Having signed DeMarcus Cousins in Free Agency for $5.3 million, they now have an all-star fulfilling all 5 starting positions, with 3 MVPs already on the team. The extremely stacked western conference got even tougher this offseason and Free Agency just started. This is going to an interesting season, and many fans are excited to see how it unfolds when it begins in late October.

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