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All those people who claim there are just too many bowl games just got more ammunition to fire at critics who support the big business that college bowl games have become!

The aptly-named "Cheez-It Bowl" - named after the over processed, fake-cheese snack crackers - featured 7-5 University of California and 6-6 Texas Christian University. Both teams entered the game with winning records, although just barely. The Cal Bears were in the bottom tier of the Pac 12 Conference - a conference that has struggled to produce a consisten representative in the College Football Playoff. 

TCU, on the other hand, finished 5th out of the 10 teams in the Big 12 conference in what was a good year for the conference. All four teams above them in the standings were ranked in the Top 25, and three of the four spent some time in the Top 10 this year too. So, you would have expected a lopsided TCU win and likely a high point total.

Instead, you saw probably one of the worst college football games of the year! TCU emerged with a 10-7 win in what was an extremely sloppy game filled with turnovers, botched plays and just terrible action! Of the nine interceptions - yes, that's right, nine interceptions - four of them occurred in a particularly nasty four-minute stretch. 

The game somehow made it to overtime after TCU benched their kicker after a Cal timeout. The bizarre tactic backfired as TCU missed the kick. They then went back to starting kicker, Jonathan Song, in overtime and luckily, got a "do over" for the game winning 27 yard field goal - set up by, you guessed it, a turnover!

This was just a terrible game to watch all the way around! What an embarassment for college football!


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