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As the song goes … “It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year…” But for sports fans, that is not December, but rather it is October! As it turns out, October is the busiest most on the sports calendar for the major American sports leagues!


September ushers in American football as college and NFL action start in earnest, but the season really starts to heat up in October as they start to see who the surprise teams will be and can draw assessments on the rest. October usually sees conference rivalries heat up in college football too.


Off the gridiron, baseball ends its regular season and October brings the excitement and intensity of the MLB playoffs. This season, the National League will require two “play in” games to decide divisional winners which only adds more intrigue and, essentially, and extra round to the playoffs.


Soccer fans also see the wind down of the MLS season in October and the start of the playoff rounds. Most soccer fans are also paying attention to the major European national leagues too which are hit midseason form. Champions League action and national team games also dot the schedules to add to the action and drama in October.


October also rings in the new year for hockey and basketball! NHL hockey drops the puck in the 2018-2019 season in the first week of October as well to bring the hockey enthusiasts out of hibernation. NBA preseason action also tips off in October for most teams as its regular season will start before the end of the month of October as well. Midnight Madness in mid-October also ushers in the start of the college basketball season, although the games do not officially begin until November.


So Happy October sports fans!

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