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 San Diego Chargers Draft Review

Team Needs: S, CB, DL


Rd 1. 3 Joey Bosa DE Ohio State

Rd 2. 35 Hunter Henry TE Arkansas

Rd 3. 66 Max Tuerk C USC

Rd 4. 102 Joshua Perry ILB Ohio State

Rd 5. 175 Jatavis Brown OLB Akron

Rd 6. 179 Drew Kaser P Texas A&M

Rd 6. 198 Derek Watt FB Wisconsin

Rd 7. 224 Donovan Clark OG Michigan State


The Chargers did a remarkable job of hiding their interest in Joey Bosa. As Los Angeles and Cleveland traded up above them to select quarterbacks the Chargers sat patiently, speaking occasionally of trade possibilities, gushing about players linked to them, and generally not saying anything to anyone about their intentions. Bosa was a great pick for the team. He gives the Chargers another talented player on their front seven and should be able to make an immediate impact. Hunter Henry was another surprising choice in the second round, and while Henry isn’t the slam dunk that Bosa was, he is a nice layup. Henry should be able to take the field in a number of packages either with Antonio Gates or spelling him. He is the type of tight end that quarterbacks learn to rely on and should immediately pay dividends for Philip Rivers. Max Tuerk could start immediately and add some pop to a running game that needs to get going. Tuerk plays well in space and that should help Melvin Gordon get free on the outside. Joshua Perry is a hard nosed, classic middle linebacker. He establishes a tone in run defense and has some potential as a blitzing inside linebacker. It’s not unreasonable to see him win a starting job away from one of the Chargers ILB starters. If he does that then he will likely need to be replaced on passing downs. Enter Jatavis Brown. Brown is small but he plays the pass very well. He should immediately find a home on special teams and should, in time, see action as a dime linebacker. Drew Kaser is a punter. Derek Watt blocked for Melvin Gordon at Wisconsin and, along with Tuerk, is a further investment in last year’s first round selection. Donovan Clark is a capable guard that does his job well without standing out. The team won’t expect much from him this season but he could become a starter in the future and represents great value in the 7th round for a team that appears to be prioritizing their running game.


  1. How they did it, we’ll likely never know, but The Chargers managed to keep their interest in Bosa a complete secret. If nothing else good came out of this draft, and plenty of good things did, just knowing that the team can keep that big of a secret is impressive.

  2. The biggest winner in this draft appears to be Melvin Gordon. The team will likely have two new starters in 2016 from this draft, with a possibility for a third. Tuerk and Watt are perfectly suited for their roles and Henry continues to improve as a blacker, meaning that Gordon will be expected to carry more of the offensive load this season. If I were writing a fantasy football article right now, I would list him as a sleeper for next year.

  3. Back to Henry, this was a great pick for the team. Henry was the best tight end in this year’s class and looks to be pretty complete on tape. I like the idea of drafting a guy to learn from an all time great for a season and the Chargers just did that.

Grade: B+

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