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Romo Retirement Leaves Houston Scrambling


It was widely believed by everyone that, regardless of Jerry Jones’ shenanigans, Tony Romo would eventually wind up in Houston with a chance to finish his career with a Super Bowl appearance. News that Romo has, instead, decided to retire now leaves the Texans’ quarterback situation up in the air, it potentially opens up the AFC Central for the Titans, Colts, or (even) Jaguars. Houston certainly feels like a loser today despite doing absolutely nothing wrong, and moves of this type rarely have a single winner or loser.




Jerry Jones - Jones gets to move on from his franchise quarterback of the last decade plus without the awkwardness of a forced split or seeing him play well for another team. Romo shouldn’t be seriously considered for the Hall of Fame but should he be it will have to be as a Cowboy.


Colin Kaepernick and Jay Cutler - At first glance neither appear to be a great fit for Bill O'Brien's offense but both are capable of competing with Tom Savage (who O’Brien loves), providing a veteran insurance policy in case Savage gets injured, or even an option should Savage prove to be not ready to start. It’s tough to see Cutler accept a backup role at all, so Kaepernick might be the better option for Houston, if Bob McNair will allow it. A first round quarterback is also a possibility, though there probably isn’t a 2017 starter in that group.


Colts, Titans, and Jaguars - The AFC South just got a lot more winnable for those teams.




Texans - It seemed like every move they made was designed with the knowledge that Tony Romo was going to start 2017. Now they are back to square one only they don’t have Osweiler.


Phil Simms - It’s difficult to believe that Phil Simms was so poorly thought of by CBS that they didn’t forewarn him, or have a plan in place for Romo coming on board. It is laughable to expect Romo to do a credible enough job in year one as a color man to replace on of the best in the game. Troy Aikman had a few years to learn before he became the lead guy at Fox. Simms should be pissed. He’s getting a raw deal and this will not work out well for CBS. Romo just isn’t the charismatic star they seem to think he is, and he certainly isn’t as credible a voice as Simms at this point in time.




Cowboys - Not that they had any choice but Dak Prescott was not so much a reason that the Cowboys did well last year as he was a guy that didn’t screw things up. At some point he is going to be expected to win games and, like Romo before him, that usually takes some time in the NFL. I have a hard time seeing how Dallas wins in the playoffs unless Prescott makes some serious strides during the offseason, and then again during the season.

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