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 In a sign that The Rams view at least one of this year’s quarterbacks as being a future star the team has given up a bevy of draft picks to move up to the Titans first overall pick, and 4th and 6th round selections. The Rams gave up the #15, 43, 45, and 76 in addition to their first and third round picks in next year’s draft. This trade is a seismic shift for the 2016 draft as the first overall pick hasn’t moved much in recent years, and nothing rarely occurs this far removed from the draft itself. Both teams, however, made an aggressive move that has the potential to pay huge dividends down the road.

What this means for the Rams:

Obviously the Rams want to dial in their quarterback now as they make the move to Los Angeles. Quarterback was the team’s primary need as their roster has plenty of young talent in other positions.Carson Wentz is reportedly the player that the Rams want, and the team should be commended in figuring out a way to move up 14 spots in order to take him. The Rams had some additional flexibility from the Nick Foles trade and were obviously willing to use it.  Still, more times than not when a team makes a move up for a quarterback it doesn’t work out and the Rams are giving up a lot of premium picks over the next two years - likely because of how far the Titans had to drop - so the Rams better be sure what they are getting with Wentz.

What this means for the Titans:

Obviously the Titans felt like adding 5 early selections over the next two seasons was more important than adding a franchise left tackle. Unless the team trades back up for Stanley or Decker, - a distinct possibility - they will be selecting a different position when they first choose. Any two of the team’s three second round picks could be packaged together to move back up into the later first round if a tackle or a highly rated defender was still available. Or the team could turn one or more picks into a higher selection next year giving them potential draft flexibility for the next several seasons. It’s hard to not like what the Titans got here.

Overall Analysis:

Again, teams that give up a lot to move up for a quarterback rarely find success. In this case, however, the situation forces a different context. With the Rams moving back to Los Angeles a franchise quarterback is not only needed on the field but off the field as well. If Wentz can turn into a profitable face for The Rams and be more than a competent starter, both likely scenarios, then the Rams will consider this  bargain. Even if it does begin to affect their overall talent in a few years. The Titans, meanwhile, got a bounty of draft picks that should allow them to control the draft, should they choose to, for the next few years moving forward. I’d give the edge to the Titans but I’d give praise to the Rams for being aggressive.

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