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Social Media has become a staple of every orgaization's gameplan. Professional sports are no different. Each and every professional sports team uses social media to promote their team and its play. Lets look at trends and how the MLB and NHL compare and contrast on social media.



Almost every team has over a million followers on Facebook. The teams who have less than a million (A's, Nationals, Marlins, Rays, Rockies) are all relatively new teams. This makes sense because Facebook in one of the "dying" social media outlets. There are only 6 teams (Yankees, Dodgers, Giants, Red Sox, Cubs, Blue Jays) who have over a million followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All 6 of those teams play in huge markets which would explain why they have such a big following on social media. Success is another factor. In 8 of the past 10 World Series, one of those 6 teams has played in the Fall Classic. The competition between teams that play in the same market is very straightforward. Although the Mets have a good following on all 3 outlets, they don't compare to the Yankees. The same goes for the Angels. The Yankees have 8x more followers on Facebook, 3x more on Twitter, and more than 2x on Instgram. The Dodgers have 3x more on Facebook, 2x more on Twitter, and more than 2x on Instagram than the Angels. The difference in other states that share multiple teams is much closer. The state of Texas is very close, however, to my surprise the Rangers have almost 600,000 more total followers than Houston. Although the Rangers made back to back World Series, Houston has the most recent championship for the state and has had more success the last couple of seasons. Florida is almost split 50/50 between the Rays and Marlins. Tampa has only 3,000 more total followers than Miami. The top 5 teams in order of most followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Cubs, and Giants.



The teams who dominate social media are the Original 6 teams (Rangers, Blackhawks, Canadiens, Maple Leafs, Red Wings, Bruins). The only team who has more of a social media following is the Penguins who have over 5 million total followers. There are 3 teams who have less than a million total followers (Panthers, Hurricanes, Coyotes). This doesn't surprise me too much since those teams don't play in big hockey markets nor have they been successful for almost all of their existence. One thing that surprised me was that the Vegas Golden Knights were the only team that had the most amount of their followers on Instagram. Vegas has only been around for two seasons so this could be a reason why most of their followers come from Instagram becasue Facebook can be considered out dated and more people tend to be active on Instagram rather than Twitter. The top 5 teams in order of most followers on all 3 social media platforms are the Blackhawks, Penguins, Bruins, Maple Leafs, and Red Wings. 


NHL and MLB:

It is difficult to compare the two sports because baseball has been the more popular sport and the social media following reflects that as well. The Blackhawks have the most amount of followers out of any NHL team (6,390,000). They would be in 5th in the rankings for the most followers in the MLB. However, the social media gap between teams is a lot less extreme in the NHL compared to the MLB. The difference between the highest and lowest MLB team is 12 million followers, while the difference between the highest and lowest NHL team is a little over 5 million. The smaller gap between teams allows for more diversity and teams in smaller markets a chance to compete against the big market teams.

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